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Minor Power Interruption at Ocean Park Today


(Hong Kong – 28 January 2012)  At 1:20 p.m. today, a minor power interruption was experienced at The Summit area of Ocean Park due to the malfunction of an electronic component in a substation. The power interruption lasted 9 minutes, affecting a small portion of The Summit Area, which included 6 mechanical rides.   The Flying Swing, Dragon, Crazy Galleon and Eagle were parked at the station boarding guests at the time and were thus unaffected. The Abyss, which was in operation at the time, was returned to the station shortly as the power interruption  triggered the ride’s safety mechanism, which brought the ride back to the ground and allowed all passengers to exit from the ride safely and without incident. The Ferris Wheel also returned guests safely to the boarding area shortly after the power interruption and guests exited without incident. All affected rides resumed normal operation within 15 minutes of the initial power interruption.  

The temporary power interruption affected only 6 of more than 70 rides and attractions at Ocean Park without any incident with guests.    The duration of the power interruption was short and the area impacted was isolated. As a result, the number of guests affected was limited and no guest complaints or injury reports have been received. All guests continued to enjoy the Park’s various facilities throughout the day.   The power interruption does not fall into the Park’s protocol for reporting to the public.  However, as a continued commitment to be transparent, we wish to inform the public and the media accordingly.