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Mr. Men Little Miss Unique Summer Party at Ocean Park


Ocean Park is bringing Mr. Men Little Miss and their friend Bling Bling alive from 16 July to 31 August 2022. Join them at the Ocean Park x Mr. Men Little Miss Unique Summer Party to experience the positive power of harmony and inclusion!
Bling Bling is the ambassador of the JC A-Connect: Jockey Club Autism Support Network initiated and funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. He represents a diverse spectrum of autism and the related characteristics and behaviours. Bling Bling together with new friends from Mr. Men Little Miss will come to Ocean Park and teach us to love ourselves and others for the unique ways we are.
“Ocean Park recognises the importance of introducing the idea of social inclusion to the impressionable minds who visit us in their formative years. We understand that this is an abstract concept for children. Thanks to our collaboration with JC A-Connect this summer, the Park can visualise this notion for them in a fun way via the unexpected adventures of Mr. Men Little Miss characters. Through experiential learning experiences such as hide-and-seek, role play and maze games, we hope that social inclusion will be imbibed in the young minds,” said Ivan Wong, Chief Executive of Ocean Park. “The lovely characters, indeed, would also inspire the inner child of visitors of all ages and immerse them in a series of fun games.”

Celebrate summer with the adorable characters
Let the party begin! Mr. Men Little Miss characters are playing hide-and-seek at Ocean Park. Join Mr. Men Little Miss x JC A-Connect: Treasure Hunters to find them and see which one shares similar personalities with you. Bling Bling, Little Miss Tiny, Little Miss Brave, Mr. Clever and a dozen of friends will be hiding all over Ocean Park. Simply seek them out and redeem fabulous limited-time prizes with your stickers! For those who want to know more about these lovely friends and the unexpected adventures brought by their special characteristics, join Mr. Men Little Miss x JC A-Connect: Story Time on Sundays and The University of Hong Kong’s educational psychologist team will have tales to tell.
Come to Waterfront Plaza and find the way out of Little Miss Hug-and-Seek’s maze challenge. The famous friends are waiting for you at each twist and turn. Find them and click many stunning selfies! Characters from Mr. Men Little Miss will also make a surprise appearance at Mr. Men Little Miss Fan Meet.
Young visitors can explore the interactive JC A-Connect: Caregiver Skill Training at The Summit, where the spirit of inclusion continues. Through playing different everyday roles, children can learn about inclusion and caregiving for individuals, and parents are encouraged to focus and utilise the evidence-based caregiver skills to engage their children while play and act, ultimately improving parent and child communication. Remember to capture the happy moments with Bling Bling, Mr. Cool and other friends at the Little Garden!
To burn your summer energy, team up with friends and families to take on the challenge at Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground, a formidable combination of Shoot to Score, Hit Base and Strike BIG. More “Giant Fun” are waiting for your to make the most of summer, as the Park has blown up the size of football and basketball games at Mr. Men Little Miss Giant Kickoff and Mr. Men Little Miss Basketball Connect 4 – all the more perfect for all kidults to show off at the Park.
Never get enough of the colourful and adorable characters? Limited-time Mr. Men Little Miss merchandise and themed delicacies exclusively designed for the occasion will be available at the Park during this time, making everyone’s experience more memorable.
More hot offers for unstoppable thrill
The fun celebration is just one of the many initiatives Ocean Park is organising to keep visitors enthralled this summer. Expect to enjoy a new round of Starry Summit Glamping at the Park! For bookings from 16 July to 30 August 2022, along with other fun activities, you can enjoy unlimited priority access to Mr. Men Little Miss Adventure Playground.
Ocean Park will resume daily operations in August, hosting this unique party seven days a week for endless summer fun! Grab tickets at the Park’s official website with the coupon code “summerfun” to enjoy sweat and surprise at Ocean Park with a 10% discount. Or even better, get the InFUNity Entry Pass now and have unlimited fun at Ocean Park again and again from now until 30 September 2022 at one single price. Pass holders will also enjoy a stream of rewards and other offers.
Please visit Ocean Park’s official website oceanpark.com.hk and Facebook page facebook.com/hkoceanpark for the Park’s latest offerings and terms and conditions for special promotions.