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Ocean Park Academy Launches Adventure Camp Series 2019-2020


Become a Chef or Toy Crafter for Animals and Dive into the Marine World this Holiday Season

(Hong Kong, 29 October 2019) Ocean Park Academy presents Adventure Camp Series 2019-2020, inviting 4 to 11-year-olds to an exceptional holiday experience during Christmas, the New Year and Easter. Young explorers will be able to immerse themselves in amazing animal discoveries, from enjoying memorable encounters with seals and sea lions, to feeding and observing sharks and rays. While celebrating the festive seasons at Ocean Park, children will also have a chance to become chefs and toy crafters for their animal friends, handcrafting food and enrichment items for rainforest animals. Moreover, they will unleash their imagination and turn materials in the Park’s natural environment into artwork.
The Adventure Camp Series 2019-2020 programmes are designed to connect young explorers with nature, spark their curiosity and quest for exploration, and groom their awareness of environmental protection and nature conservation. Through group activities, they will also learn to work as a team, enhance communication skills and interaction with one another.
Explorer Adventure Programmes in Three Levels for Different Ages
The Adventure Camp Series 2019-2020 is divided into three age group levels. The “Little Explorers” programme is curated for children aged 4 to 5, leading them to discover the habits and behaviours of various animals and unleash their creativity to make festive treats and new enrichment items for animals. The “Junior Explorers” programme, for children aged 6 to 8, leads young ocean explorers into the wonders of the marine world together with the Park’s Education Ambassadors. Children will interact with marine animals at the Park and gain firsthand understanding of marine biodiversity. Finally, the “Adventurous Nighttime Excursion” is an overnight adventure for children aged 8 to 11 to stay at the Grand Aquarium for a night out with over 5,000 fish while observing their night life.
Programmes are available for public enrolment from 31 October 2019 after 4:00pm; an 8% early bird discount is available for participants enrolling before 3:59pm on 30 November 2019 (not applicable to the Adventurous Nighttime Excursion). Priority enrolment is available for SmartFun Annual Pass members who can enrol starting from 4:00pm on 29 October 2019 with a 12% discount.
Enrolment and Discounts
  • SmartFun Annual Pass members can start enrolling on 29 October 2019 (4:00pm) to enjoy a 12% discount.
  • The public can start enrolling on 31 October 2019 (4:00pm).  Enrol before 3:59pm on 30 November to enjoy an 8% discount (not applicable to the Adventurous Nighttime Excursion).
  • Deadline: Seven days before each programme commences.
Enrolment and Enquiries
Hotline: (852) 3923 2323 (Press “4” for the Ocean Park Discovery and Education Department after language selection)
Operation Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Website:  https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/tc/education-conservation/education/adventure-camp-series-2019-2020