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Ocean Park Academy Presents New Summer Adventure 2019


Up-close Encounters with Animal Ambassadors Ignite Young Explorers’ Minds through 4C Learning

Ocean Park Academy Hong Kong launches Summer Adventure 2019 for 4 to 11-year-olds. From feeding sharks, rays, sea jellies and coral reef fish; paying a friendly visit to Chinese alligators, seals, sea lions, Asian small-clawed otters and penguins; to venturing behind the scene of the popular Sea Jelly Spectacular and spending a night at the Grand Aquarium, young explorers will immerse themselves in amazing animal discoveries.
Coupled with fascinating activities including art creation, team-based missions, and exploratory challenges, the programmes led by Ocean Park’s educators are sure to ignite young explorers’ minds via 4C learning – connecting them with nature, sparking their curiosity, grooming their conservation literacy, and developing their character.
Ocean Park Academy’s Summer Adventure 2019 empowers young explorers to discover the world at their own pace through authentic experiences. In addition to up-close encounters with the Park’s animal ambassadors, participants will be able to team up with their caretakers for a deeper dive into the animals’ daily lives, and even take part in preparing a special meal for them. Being part of these specially designed edutainment experiences, young explorers will gain eye-opening first-hand knowledge of the natural world!
Five Explorer Adventure Programmes for Different Age Groups
Five programmes are available including two “Little Explorers” programmes curated for children aged 4 to 5, two “Junior Explorers” programmes for children aged 6 to 8, and the “Adventurous Explorers” programme designed for children aged 9 to 11. Ocean Park Academy’s Summer Adventure 2019 is now open for public enrolment. Those enrolling before 3:59pm on 22 May 2018 will enjoy an early bird discount of 8% off.
Ocean Park Academy Summer Adventure Camp 2019 Programme Summary
Level and Theme Programme Content Dates and Time Fee and Capacity
Little Explorers Age: 4-5
(3 half-days)
Team Justin
Meet different animals from the sea, the sky and the land with other explorers. Use all the senses to learn and understand how animals live. Prepare food for animals and explore their habits with assistance from our animal caretakers.
Activity highlights:
  • Meet and feed seahorses to learn about their living habits
  • Take a walk in the Rainforest and discover mysterious animals, like poison dart frogs, arapaima, capybaras and sloths
  • Put an eye on our birds and find out the relationship between their beaks and eating habits
  • Awaken the explorer’s inner artist to create a unique animal painting
  • Identify potential materials as a team for a collaborative project
11 July 2019 –
31 August 2019;
AM Class
9:00am -12:15pm
PM Class
2:15pm - 5:30pm
Capacity: 24 / class

AM Class:
22 classes
PM Class:
22 classes
Team Redd
Discover the living environment of different animals, such as seals living in the Arctic. Find out the threats wild animals face, and explore ways to solve problems with teammates.
Activity highlights:
  • Attend an educational seal demonstration and prepare a nutritious meal for them
  • Visit the small stream to discover how small-clawed otters use their natural talents to locate food
  • Explore animals’ homes and complete missions or experiments to learn more about the characteristics of different animals
  • Be part of an interactive puppet show and help characters solve problems
  • Learn about the environmental issues that are threatening animals’ lives through a team-based mission and an interactive session
Junior Explorers
Age: 6-8
(3 full days)
Team Mark
Explore the beauty of nature and generate new ideas by looking into Earth’s aquatic eco-systems. Understand Mark and his friends’ daily lives through the behind-the-scenes tour at the Grand Aquarium.
Activity highlights:
  • Take a behind-the-scenes tour at the Grand Aquarium and learn an amazing way to get along with cartilaginous fish
  • Prepare a meal for sharks or rays at the back-of-house of Shark Mystique and learn about the daily work of an aquarist
  • Greet the Chinese alligator and find out the eating habits of this rare species
  • Find inspiration from deep sea creatures and freshwater animals to construct a unique piece of art
  • Combine team members’ knowledge about animals and creativity to design a suitable home for animal friends
8 July 2019 -
28 August 2019;
Full Day Class
Day 1 to 3: 9:45am - 4:15pm
Capacity: 24 / class
52 classes
Team Whiskers
Join hands with explorers in Team Whiskers and visit the homes of marine animals to uncover facts about them. Learn about their eating habits and prepare food for them. Unleash the explorer’s hidden artistic potential to design a team-based creation.
Activity highlights:
  • Meet sea lions and seals at a close distance and learn from animal caretakers how to interact with them
  • Visit the back-of-house area of Sea Jelly Spectacular and prepare a meal for sea jellies
  • Observe how penguins react to food at the South Pole Spectacular
  • Become an investigator, discover the relationship between marine animals and the environment, and complete the final challenge with teammates
  • Consolidate the team’s findings by working out a plot and taking part in an interactive play
Adventurous Explorers
Age: 9-11 (five days, overnight session from Day 3 to Day 4)
Explorers can learn about the importance of low-carbon life through designing a game booth with teammates. They will also spend a night with the marine wonders in the Grand Aquarium. Collaborative challenges and investigative tasks will allow explorers to learn and connect with nature.
Activity highlights:
  • Help clean the “toys” of Pacific walruses/spotted seals while learning about the threats they face and the importance of a low-carbon living style
  • Say hello to bottlenose dolphins and understand how to communicate with them
  • Become a mini-detective, uncover the secrets to cleaning up the ocean by completing missions at the Grand Aquarium
  • Spend a night with marine animals and observe their night life
  • Serve coral reef fish a nutritious breakfast
6 July 2019 -
28 August 2019;
Full Day Class
Day 1 to 2:
9:30am – 4:00pm
Day 3 to 4:
4:00pm on Day 3 - 10:00am on Day 4
Day 5:
9:30am - 1:15pm
Capacity: 24 / class
16 classes
Enrolment and Discounts
  • Registration now open
  • SmartFun Annual Pass members can enjoy a 12% discount
  • Public who enroll before 3:59pm on 22 May can enjoy an 8% discount
  • Deadline: Seven days before each programme commences
Enrolment and Enquiries
Hotline: (852) 3923 2323 (Press “4” for the Ocean Park Discovery and Education Department after language selection)
Operation Hours: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Website:  https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en/education-conservation/education/summer-adventure-2019