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Ocean Park Announces Moderate Admission Fee Adjustment


Park to offer birthday surprises, a student promotion plus hot deals on SmartFun Annual Passes this summer

Ocean Park will adjust its day-time admission fees by a moderate 3.75%, and annual fees for SmartFun Gold and Premium Passes by 3.7% to 4% effective 1 June 2019. Hong Kong residents will continue to enjoy the pre-adjustment admission fees until 31 August 2019, three months after the implementation of the new fee scheme.
Day-time admission ticket prices for adults will change from HK$480 to HK$498, a slight increase of HK$18, while for children it will be adjusted from HK$240 to HK$249, a mild increase of HK$9.
“We have worked hard to maintain our admission fees on the low side, benchmarking other world-class theme parks and attractions of a similar scale in the region. In line with the wider market, the price adjustment is driven by the need to provide financial support for increasing operating costs and necessary capital investments to enhance the guest experience,” said Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park.
“We have also tried to keep the impact on Hong Kong residents to a minimum,” continued Kung. “As always, the Park strives to present a wide array of special offers to local guests. SmartFun Annual Pass holders can enjoy multiple entries to the Park for one whole year along with many value-added benefits. Meanwhile, we are pleased to announce a few amazing summer offers for Hong Kong people.”

Starting with birthday offers, from 1 to 16 June 2019 Hong Kong residents born in May or June can enjoy free admission to Ocean Park for one time, while accompanying guests can purchase up to four on-day admission tickets at 40% off the original price! In addition, the birthday star will receive a cute birthday badge and a set of in-park coupons to enjoy priority access at designated thrill rides and animal exhibits, as well as attractive food and beverage offers and merchandise discounts for companions.
From 17 June to 12 July 2019, full-time day course students studying at registered schools in Hong Kong who purchase day-time admission tickets at the Park’s Ticketing Office and official web site will enjoy a special admission fee of HK$125 (for those aged three to 11) or HK$249 (for those aged 12 or above). Presentation of valid student identity documents is required when entering the Park.

In addition, from 1 July to 31 August 2019 exclusively for Hong Kong residents, existing SmartFun members will enjoy an exceptional renewal offer of 30% off the original membership fee# while new members will receive a 20% discount. SmartFun members who are non-Hong Kong residents will be entitled to the same discounts off the prevailing annual fees effective 1 June 2019.
#SmartFun renewal eligibility: from three months before to one month after membership expiry date.

The SmartFun programme offers multiple visits to the Park at incredible savings – 365 days during the membership year for a Premium Pass, over 340 days for a Gold Pass and over 220 days for a Silver Pass, together with members-only dining and shopping discounts and bonus offers at the Park and its network of promotion partners. What’s more, all successful new and renewal applications will be entitled to a set of welcome offers and complimentary admission to a Behind-the-Scenes programme to get to know the Park’s adorable animal ambassadors.