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Ocean Park Celebrates the Birthdays of Its Most Beloved Ambassadors


An An, the world’s oldest living male giant panda under human care, turns 32 years old Ying Ying displays typical pregnancy symptoms

Ocean Park today hosts a triple celebration to mark the birthdays of its three resident giant pandas – An An, Ying Ying and Le Le, shares updates about them and launches the Summer Family Package for Hong Kong residents.
An An1, the world’s oldest living male giant panda under human care, is turning 32, which is about 95 in human age. He is currently recovering from a successful surgery to treat lens luxation in his right eye. An An receives quality medical care for common geriatric conditions including high blood pressure, arthritis and cataract. In May 2018 the lens in his right eye luxated in association with glaucoma, a condition often associated with elevated eye pressure and discomfort. The lens subluxation in his right eye could quickly lead to intensely painful complications such as perforating corneal ulcer. Attempts at treating conservatively with eye drops did not succeed. An An’s right lens failed to return to its original position and the eye pressure remained abnormally high. To protect An An from pain, the Park’s veterinary team and ophthalmology consultant Dr Gillian Hung, conducted a lens removal surgery on An An’s right eye in early June. The procedure was endorsed by the China Conservation and Research Centre for the Giant Panda in Wolong and the Hong Kong Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department.  
Dr. Paolo Martelli, Director of Veterinary Services of Ocean Park, said, “Lens removal surgery is the standard treatment for lens subluxation. It was determined to be the best course of treatment for An An’s case to address the condition, and to prevent persistent elevated intra-ocular pressure, further deterioration of  vision, chronic pain and other complications that may require an urgent surgery that pose more risks than a well-planned procedure. We are pleased with the surgery outcome. The old panda was stable throughout the anesthesia and the recovery was uneventful.  An An’s eye condition has stabilised. Postoperative care, including eye checks, eye pressure measurements, eye drop treatment and other medication will continue to manage his ageing eyes.”
Meanwhile, male giant panda Le Le2 will turn 13 years old on 8 August, as will female giant panda Ying Yingon 16 August. Ying Ying and Le Le attempted natural mating during the panda breeding season in April 2018 and Ying Ying was artificially inseminated. The Park is waiting to see if it will result in a pregnancy.
Suzanne Gendron, Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Conservation at Ocean Park, said, “Ying Ying has been displaying some typical pregnancy symptoms since the middle of July, such as decrease in appetite and increase in rest time. The gestation period for giant pandas lasts between 72 and 324 days. Though these factors can also indicate a pseudo-pregnancy, we remain hopeful for a successful birth of a panda cub this year, and will continue to work closely with Wolong to monitor Ying Ying’s conditions.”
In celebration of the giant pandas’ birthdays this month, the Park’s animal care team presented them three unique icy cakes made with lots of love and birthday wishes. Created just for the occasion by Häagen-Dazs™, the trio-layered custom cakes feature fruit and vegetable ice, bamboo, carrot, purple sweet potato, sar kort, apple, pear and peach – the giant panda trio’s favourite foods. The beautifully designed and skilfully crafted icy cakes look as amazing as they taste and are set to create an extraordinary moment for the lovely giant pandas.
Come celebrate with the giant pandas and immerse the whole family into the exhilarating experience of Ocean Park’s Summer Carnimal! From 8 August to 2 September 2018, Hong Kong residents can enjoy an exclusive Summer Family Package which includes admission tickets for one adult and one child at just HK$580 (original price: HK$720), plus two cups of Coca-Cola Ice for free. What’s more, companions can enjoy 12% discount off their admission tickets and chill out with complimentary Coca-Cola Ice too. Offers are valid for eligible Hong Kong identity card holders, and children aged three to 11 with Hong Kong birth certificates or valid student handbooks issued by schools in Hong Kong. Terms and conditions apply. Guests can visit https://www.oceanpark.com.hk/en/tickets-and-offers/offers/exclusive-summer-family-package for promotion details.

1: The exact birthday of An An is unknown as he was rescued from the wild.
2: Le Le was born on 8 August 2005.
3: Ying Ying was born on 16 August 2005.