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Ocean Park Celebrates Births of the Park’s First Baby Asian Small-clawed Otter Quadruplets and a Dolphin Calf


Ocean Park is excited to announce the joining of five new-born animal ambassadors into the family, including the Park’s first Asian small-clawed otter quadruplets and an Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphin calf.
Born in last August, the adorable baby otter quadruplets, including three female and one male, are the offspring of two otters that moved to the Park for shelter and care in April 2018 after being confiscated by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) in January 2018. The new-borns – Miu (second), Centi, Milli and Mei (microsecond) – are named after their monogamous parents Si (hour) and Fun (minute) in a mix of Chinese and English words associated with time. Under the careful care of their parents and the Park’s animal and veterinary teams, the pups are growing up healthy and weigh 2 to 2.5kg at five months old.
“The parents were initially kept by the Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden after being confiscated by AFCD, and Fun was not pregnant when she transited to the Park. The couple adapted well to their new environment and Fun was confirmed pregnant in August. The Park has officially adopted the family from AFCD recently. The family of six currently reside at the Park’s Amazing Asian Animals,” said Michael Boos, Executive Director of Zoological Operations and Conservation at Ocean Park.
Another new addition to the Park’s animal family is Ginger, a male bottlenose dolphin calf born on 20 December 2018. The neonate calf was named after his 39-year-old mother Gina. Characterised by a relatively short and small snout, Ginger is very playful and active. Ginger loves to explore its surrounding and is starting to familiarise himself with other dolphins and the Park’s animal keepers. Ginger currently resides at the Park’s Marine Mammal Breeding and Research Centre and is breastfed by Gina. It is expected the calf will spend the next three to four years by his mother’s side until it can become independent.
“The Park’s animal and veterinary teams provided round-the-clock care for Gina and she experienced a very smooth labour. The team is closely monitoring the health of the mother and baby. According to observation, Gina, as an experienced mother, resumed appetite quickly after giving birth and can nurse the new-born dolphin well. Ginger’s condition is satisfactory and is bonding well with Gina. These births are a testimony of the Park’s exemplary efforts in animal care. We hope these new adorable animal ambassadors can continue to educate public of the importance of environmental and animal conservation,” added Boos.
AFCD has been notified of the births and the Park will continue to closely monitor the animals’ health and growth.