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(Hong Kong – 29 November 2006) Ocean Park achieved a total attendance of 4.38 million for the fiscal year of 2005/2006, setting a new record for the Park’s 29 years of operation, as reported in the Ocean Park Annual Report, which was tabled at today’s Legco meeting. The Park also achieved record admission revenue of $538.8 million as well as in-park spending of $189.5 million. Both represented increases of $33.8 million and $81.1 million, respectively, compared with prior year.

 According to Ocean Park chairman, Dr Allan Zeman, “The higher revenue, combined with prudent expense management, enabled the Park to create a record surplus of $156.5 million, up 31% from the previous year’s $119.5 million.”

Team efforts from Dr Zeman, CEO Tom Mehrmann, the experienced Directors, committed Members of the Board, and the dedicated team of employees, enabled the Park to break the attendance record for the previous year of 4.03 million, in 10 months and 28 days, with the 4.38 million new record.

“The opening of the Sea Jelly Spectacular, coupled with the launch of a whole new Bayview Restaurant and Terrace Café drove attendance to record levels, and our unique event offerings continued this momentum, helping us to hit attendance records for each individual event period. I must attribute these successes to the hard work and dedication from all our staff, as well as to the support from our guests and partners,” Dr Zeman said.

He continued, “Ocean Park is a major Hong Kong icon, popular with locals and tourists alike. And well over 53 percent of the total visitations were made by guests from Mainland China or overseas. We are proud to be able to contribute to Hong Kong’s tourism sector, creating opportunities for many people and businesses.”

According to Dr Zeman, the remarkable achievements were made possible by implementing comprehensive and responsible strategies and tactics to strengthen the Park’s marketability in the face of intense competition posed by many newcomers while staying faithful to what it stands for – education and conservation of nature and wildlife.

“One of the differential qualities of Ocean Park is its salute to animals and nature, and our ability to convey important conservation messages through entertaining means. Additionally, through our Ocean Park Academy, we have reached out to over 400,000 students with important conservation messages over the last 14 years,” he added.

According to Dr Zeman, Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s home-grown park, one which invokes in many people warm memories. The Park will celebrate 30th anniversary in January 2007, and the Park has built on this unique generational value to boost local loyalty through a series of “Love Hong Kong, Love Ocean Park!” campaigns which offer special admission rates to Hong Kong ID card holders. “Additionally, local residents come free by celebrating at the park on their actual birthdays,” he said.

The favourable response spurred the growth of the local customer base. Ocean Park also became the “Most Loveable Site In Hong Kong,” in a poll conducted by the Home Affairs Bureau and the 18 District Councils.

“It was a proud moment for us at Ocean Park, and in Hong Kong, when we heard that FORBES.com ranked Ocean Park among Ten of The World’s Most Popular Amusement Parks,” Dr Zeman said.

He continued, “And as an integral part of a closely-knit Hong Kong, we strive to be a good corporate citizen. With this, we make Ocean Park accessible to all by working with charitable organizations. We also offer free admission to Hong Kong senior citizens over 65 years of age, and half-price admission to people with disabilities and one escort.”

Schools and institutions using Ocean Park as a learning platform can also enjoy special school rates.

As an equal opportunity employer and an “employer of choice,” Ocean Park provides job opportunities for over 30 people with different disabilities. And among its 950-strong full-time workforce, close to 120 people have worked with Ocean Park for over 20 years.

Dr Zeman also said that continued efforts and measured investments will be made to develop the Mainland market, which forms close to half of the Park’s guest base. “With the opening up of more Mainland cities for independent travelling, the seed is there, ready for us to cultivate,” he said. “We will also develop strategic partnerships with more local businesses, and work closely with different players in the tourism sector to promote Hong Kong tourism,” he continued.

Dr Zeman also spoke about the future of the Park, as it embarks on its Major Redevelopment Project. “With government’s support and $5.55 billion funding secured from 25 major banks, the Park now looks toward an exciting new horizon. Between now and 2012, new attractions will be introduced in phases as the Park remains open throughout,” he said.

 “Last, but not least, on behalf of Ocean Park, I want to thank again our staff, and all the people and organizations that had helped us on this success. We will continue to serve Hong Kong faithfully and provide to all guests the ultimate in enrichment experiences,” Dr Zeman said.

Ocean Park’s 2005/2006 fiscal year is from 1 July 2005 to 30 June 2006.


About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s unique home-grown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 76 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation