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Ocean Park Envisions New Levels of Hygiene and Animal Care During Closure to Combat COVID-19


Online video of animal ambassadors to lighten the city’s mood while fighting the virus

Ocean Park, which has been temporarily closed to the public since late January as a precaution against the spread of COVID-19, has firstly undergone a series of deep cleaning measures during the closure period, and secondly the Park’s veterinary and animal care teams have conducted additional physical examinations on top of routine check-ups for all animal ambassadors at the Park to ensure their well-being. Some examples of these enhanced practices include:
  • Animal care team performs a list of husbandry checks with the birds on a daily basis and let them stretch themselves and flap their wings in the morning.
  • The Park’s caretaker observes the capybaras’ condition during the daily husbandry checks and collect blood samples regularly to assess their health status.
  • Since birds are prone to respiratory infections, based on recommendations from the vet, the Park’s penguin keepers provide additional vitamins or nutritional supplements to the penguins during their daily feeding sessions. The team also observes the breath of the penguins and monitor their heart rates.
  • Animal care team measures  seals’ body temperatures, brushes their teeth and checks their mouths every day to help them maintain good oral health.
Meanwhile, during the closure period the Park has strictly maintained its cleaning and disinfection work. All attractions, animal exhibits, and behind-the-scenes facilities are thoroughly cleaned to ensure a healthy and secure environment for both humans and animals. Ocean Park will continue to uphold stringent protective measures to gear up for its reopening, as part of its ongoing efforts to create a fun, care-free and safe experience for guests at all times.  
To catch a glimpse of the Park’s preventive anti-epidemic measures, and its veterinary and animal care teams as well as other back-of-house staff in action, check out the latest video at:
In the video, fans can also meet Ocean Park’s resident animal ambassadors whose positive energy and doses of cuteness will help to inspire everyone in this challenging time.