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Ocean Park Green Staycation


Experience Staycation in Hong Kong Like Never Before

Immerse in an ocean of extraordinary experiences at Ocean Park! The Park invites visitors to enjoy an unexpected Green Staycation and experience a green getaway like never before – right in Hong Kong. Whether it’s challenging themselves on a stand up paddle board nurturing their well-being through yoga, or hiking up the secret trail underneath the Park’s cable cars and taking snaps of the gorgeous natural scenery en route, there is so much more to uncover at Ocean Park. Visitors can even enjoy a glamping experience under the mesmerising starry skies while embracing the seascape at the Park.

An Ocean of Extraordinary Experiences
“We are excited to introduce brand new and creative experiences that resonate with the wellness needs of Hong Kong people, while showcasing all that the Southern District has to offer with its amazing coasts and mountain views. Visitors now have the opportunity to experience the Park like never before – be it through actual visits or virtually on social media, they can rediscover Ocean Park’s uniqueness from totally different perspectives,"said Lau Ming-wai, Chairman of Ocean Park.
“This is just the start. Our Green Staycation kicks off a series of brand new experiences and programmes specially curated for all types of visitors. All the thematic offers to come will connect visitors with nature aiming at enhancing their interest in conservation,” continued Lau.
Inhale and exhale scents of nature at one-of-a-kind yoga locations
The Park’s Yoga Vogue is set to be a pleasant and uplifting surprise for yoga enthusiasts in the city. Highlighted workshops include the SUP yoga at the Aqua City Lagoon, which will challenge yogis’ skills in balance and concentration. Visitors shouldn’t forget to take snaps of themselves “floating on water” during the class to amaze their friends and Instagram followers.
For those on the look for a location to regain inner peace away from the hustle bustle, don’t miss out on the Aquarium Immersive Meditation and Gong Bath at the Grand Aquarium while surrounded by thousands of fish, or the calming underwater vibes at North Pole Encounter as seals and other marine animals watch and practise with them. Yoga Vogue boasts a total of 30 dynamic and static workshops to cater all yogis. Get ready to leave the yoga studio and explore Ocean Park with a refreshed take!
Join nature specialists to hike a secluded trail and take in breathtaking views
Ever wondered what it would be like to hike along the trail underneath Ocean Park’s cable cars? Now is your chance! Join the Park’s professional nature specialists for the Brick Hill Secret Unveil and hike up to Nam Long Shan to enjoy magnificent seascape and mountain views, and wave to fellow visitors in the cable cars as they fly overhead!
Budding naturalists will be in their element when nature specialists introduce the geography and wildlife along the trail, coupled with the Park’s and cable cars little-known history and fun facts, to inspire participants about the role that we can all play to protect the natural environment. Visitors will also have the chance to join a backstage visit to the newly opened Hong Kong Marine Life Stranding and Education Centre. Participants will learn about the advanced equipment used to rescue, investigate and conduct necropsy of marine mammals, and better understand the data-driven insights that will help shape future monitoring and conservation efforts to protect endangered marine creatures.
Enjoy a Southern District staycation and be greeted with a sky full of stars
Camping is so much more fun when you can leave behind the clumsy and heavy belongings. Ocean Park’s Starry Summit Glamping has prepared all necessities for visitors ahead of time, including a comfortable, air-conditioned private tent on the Summit with shower and resting facilities. Just sit back, relax and savour a BBQ dinner at the Terrace Café. Whether visitors are coming with friends or families, they can relax and enjoy a one-of-a-kind glamping experience in Hong Kong. 
Participants can embrace nature, take in romantic sunsets and rest under an ocean of stars. Get excited by a nighttime exploration of Ocean Park, and there will even be special optional programmes to find out more about Ocean Park and the Southern District’s fishing culture, including Brick Hill Secret Unveil and an incredible sightseeing experience on a sampan.
Eat healthy and live green with the Park’s environmentally friendly souvenirs
For a holistic wellness experience, an array of special food and beverage items will be on offer. For those cautious about calories, the values of selected items at Ginger Grill calculated by a registered dietitian are available at a glance. Not to be missed is the Green Staycation Menu featuring delicious Thai flavoured vegan meat in the main courses. Visitors can also choose from a wide range of trendy outdoor items, reusable utensils and environmentally friendly souvenirs.
Sign up now for the time-limited experiences
The Yoga Vogue and Brick Hill Secret Unveil experiences at Ocean Park are now open for enrolment.  Details for Starry Summit Glamping will be available in late October. 
All proceeds from Yoga Vogue and Brick Hill Secret Unveil will be donated to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong to support nature conservation.
Ocean Park would like to thank the Yoga Vogue and Brick Hill Secret Unveil Outdoor Gear Supporter –Columbia Sportswear; Starry Summit Glamping Supporting Partner – CHUMS Hong Kong; Media Sponsor – Yahoo! Hong Kong; Event Sponsors – Bonaqua and KINCHO for bringing even more fun to the participants.