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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016 to Cook Up Haunted School-Themed and Ghostbusters-Themed Dishes, as well as Spooky Merchandise


With the undead set to take over Ocean Park during the soon-to-launch Halloween Fest 2016, the Park will up the blood-curdling and spooky Halloween fun on the food front with a slew of mouth-watering haunted school- and Ghostbusters-themed dishes that will have hungry guests and their cameras asking for more! And with their bellies full, thrill seekers and Halloween fans can load up on the wide-variety of freaky, yet adorable merchandise – from cool Ocean Park x Ghostbusters items or light-up accessories, to ‘undead’ game-booth plush toys – to make their Halloween Fest experience truly unforgettable.
Café Ocean – Cursed Haunted-School Menu for Brave Souls
Guests looking for even more terrifying haunted school-themed fun – after they run kicking and screaming from School of Shadows presented by 7-Eleven Slurpee – can simply head next door to Café Ocean; which will be transformed into the Spooky Classroom of Horrors this year. In this eerily-decorated restaurant, guests can savour must-try underworld dishes from the Mortuary Set Menu that is as delicious as it is horrifying.
Guests can kick off this chilling dining experience with the gut-wrenching Ghostly Toilet of Death (Tomato Ox-Tail Soup). The Park’s undead chefs were inspired by the ghost stories that surround high school toilets, and created this delicious soup that will warm the stomach and calm the nerves even though it’s served in a mini, shiny porcelain toilet bowl. After overcoming the initial shock of lifting up the lid of the toilet seat, guests can snap a picture of the grinning skull-shaped toast floating in the thick, vicious, blood-like soup. For their mains, guests will receive a lesson in anatomy as they are presented with Biology Class of the Damned, which will be served with a special Ocean Park-edition of a Kraft Heinz Mini Ketchup. They can eat the ‘organs’ of a ‘human being’, prepared just how the undead like it. The ‘organs’ will be made from selected ingredients: Seafood Vegetable Pâté (brains); Chipolata Sausage in Tomato Sauce (intestines); Roasted Chicken Fillet (liver); Deep-Fried Chicken Breast with Brie Cheese (lungs); and Pan-Fried Beef Striploin (stomach). Wrapping up this horrifying meal will be a nod to days gone past, with guests digging into the ‘Possessed’ Chalkboard Eraser (Charcoal Helvetic Rolls) or munching on coloured chalk (sticks of white chocolate). The perfect complement to this ‘hellish’ meal, guests should order and slurp down the Bloody Schoolhouse Sludge (Strawberry Freeze with Strawberries, Sprite and Lemon Sauce), before heading back out for more haunted fun in the Park.
For young guests, Café Ocean has prepared a spooky meal that will be just as terrifying – Spooky Kiddies Meal. Presented in a miniature Ocean Express, young thrill seekers can savour severed fingers, or rather Spaghetti with Frankfurter Sausages in Tomato Sauce, or chew on ‘cursed’ vegetables school stationery to experience a truly ‘fun Halloween class’.
Delicious Ghostbusters Fun at Neptune’s Restaurant & Tuxedos Restaurants
With Ghostbusters Live! presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong (licensed by and designed in collaboration with New York-based Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company), a Ghostbusters-themed attraction in collaboration with Sony Pictures, as one of the centres of attention during Halloween Fest 2016, guests can enjoy even more Ghostbusters experiences with The Ghostbusters Feast. This hilarious themed set menu will feature classic characters from the movie, and will be served at Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant.
This spooky and scrumptious meal will kick off with a loud hello from the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, who will be terrorizing a bed of Green Salad with Sautéed Scallop and Bacon in Tomato Sauce; only this time he will be made of mashed potatoes instead of marshmallow. Guests can then prepare their taste buds for the next course, the smooth and piping-hot Bell Pepper and Tomato Soup that will have the iconic Ghostbusters logo (toast) floating on the surface. After piquing their appetites, guests can move on to their mains. Guests can either choose Seafood Spinach Puff – Creamed Spinach with Scallop, Lobster and Mussel, or the Spaghetti of Assorted Vegetables with Pesto Sauce garnished with Okra and Avocado Sauce. Slimer, the little mischievous squirt, will hover in front of guests as a piece of bread, stare at guests while they eat and salivate green goo all over the plates. Guests looking for something more substantial can choose the Charcoal Bun Beef Burger, which will come with Creamed Spinach, Cross Fries, Avocado Dip, and Strawberry dipped with White Chocolate. Wrapping up this mouth-watering meal will be a heavenly Chocolate Mousse shaped after the iconic Ghostbusters logo, which will be another photo-worthy moment!
To wash down this delectable meal, guests can order the satisfying and refreshing Ghostbusters-themed drink, Lime Freeze topped with Marshmallow. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man will be ‘chilling’ on top of this freezing lime smoothie, the perfect concoction to help guests cool off after playing in the Park.
Must-Try Ghostbusters Snacks for Hungry Adventurers
Apart from the set meals, Neptune’s Restaurant will offer mouth-watering tea set menus throughout Halloween Fest 2016. One of the most tempting choices will no doubt be the Ghostbusters Afternoon Tea Set, which will include an assortment of sweet and savoury items floating in clouds of eerie vapour.
What’s more, Clown Corner, the food kiosk located in the soon-to-be-decked-out-Ghostbusters-style Thrill Mountain, will be serving a seemingly endless number of taste bud-tingling à la carte snacks for hungry adventurers. These snacks are must-try items as they will be served in ultra-cool Ghostbusters-themed boxes and cups, immersing guests in even more Ghostbusters fun. And to end their night with a bang, guests should remember to try out the Ghostbusters-themed cookies and cupcakes at the Aqua City Bakery.
Nick Lee, Ocean Park’s Senior Food and Beverage Operations Manager, said, “Food has become an integral part of the Ocean Park Halloween Fest experience, and this year, our chefs have used key elements from various haunted attractions to create mouth-watering and uber-fun dishes. The highlights, without doubt, will be the terrifying, but delicious Mortuary Set Menu at Café Ocean that will be an extension of our haunted attraction, School of Shadows, as well as the Ghostbusters-themed items available throughout the Park. No matter where guests go, their taste buds are sure to be part of the thrilling and never-ending fun of Halloween Fest 2016!”
Spooky & Undead Halloween Merchandise for Guests of All Ages
Halloween Fest wouldn’t be complete without a range of festive items created especially for this year’s terrifying and spooky bash. The Ocean Park x Ghostbusters t-shirts and shopping bag will make perfect gifts or will be the ideal collector’s items for fans. Guests looking for good-old-fashioned Halloween items can pick up a variety of light-up accessories, from glow bracelets to light-up fiber hair.
Gavin Lam, Ocean Park’s Senior Retail Operations Manager, said, “We want to extend the stories from our frightening and fun-filled attractions to our merchandise items. In addition to the exclusive Ocean Park x Ghostbusters items, we have designed an array of cute and spooky plush toys exclusively for our game booths. These will range from a flying eye ball or delightfully evil vampire, to an adorable chainsaw plush. No matter where guests are in the Park this year, they will be immersed in the multi-leveled Halloween Fest experience.”
Visit http://halloween.oceanpark.com.hk for more details.
* Selected menus / dishes may be subject to a 10% service charge.
* All Halloween Fest set menus, special drinks and themed items will only be available on the following event dates during Halloween Fest. From 16 September to 31 October: 16-18, 23-24, 30 September, and 1 October (corporate chartered events); 2, 7-10, 14-16, 20-23, 27-31 October (open to the general public).