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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017 Injects Local Elements into Haunted Attractions


Kowloon Ghost City and Rise of the Ancient Evil Offers Hong Kong-style Ghost Stories while PHOBIA Experience Presents All Kinds of Terrifying Elements

Ocean Park continues its full year of 40th anniversary celebrations with the return of its signature seasonal event, Halloween Fest, which is the largest ever by offering 10 haunted attractions and 11 experiences. As a park for the people of Hong Kong, Ocean Park's talented production team has been carefully designing and injecting local elements into its haunted attractions. This year, the production team delivers terrifying local elements of horror in Kowloon Ghost City and Rise of the Ancient Evil, while never-before-seen elements of fear will be presented in the PHOBIA Experience.
Kowloon Ghost City: Revisit Dark Memories from the Past
Kowloon Ghost City, the legendary walled city of Hong Kong that was torn down over 20 years ago, will be brought back from the past at this year's Halloween Fest, together with an ensemble of ghostly residents. This city of sin, once the dark sanctuary of many unsavory characters, will rise again along with its shadowy criminals, dens of intrigue and lawlessness. To recreate scenes from the old Kowloon Walled City, the Ocean Park Halloween Fest production team has built a steaming, crowded city with the booming sound of low-flying airplanes in their final descent to the notorious Kai Tak Airport, dazzling neon-lights and decaying night clubs all designed to leave guests breathless. Guests will wander through fabled alleyways of old Hong Kong, surrounded by mysterious old flats and dark, dilapidated stairways, always with the fear of encountering a gang of ferocious hoodlums. The unlucky ones may even fall prey to the resident evil dentist who relishes in conducting horrifying experiments on unwary victims in his rickety old clinic. 

Eva Au Yeung, Ocean Park's Events & Entertainment Director, said, "By crafting local elements into Halloween Fest, Ocean Park builds on its strengths as a unique home-grown park of Hong Kong that appeals to local residents and tourists alike. Our annual Halloween celebration has been growing to become a world-class event in recent years. This year we are bringing the 'city of darkness' back to Ocean Park, with Kowloon Ghost City truly reflecting the dark side of the old Hong Kong. The urban legend stories about this city of sin and the colourful history of the walled city leave us with a lot of dark imagination and folklore."
Lo Tak-yee, a grand master in theatre installation and also a veteran carpenter of Ocean Park who witnessed the old Kowloon Walled City before it was pulled down, had also contributed to building this infamous attraction. "We have put a lot of details into recreating the dingy and dark environment to make guests feel truly nostalgic when they visit it," he said. "With special effects and designs, we have created multiple layers of oppression in dense buildings and narrow alleyways. This is the place we have all heard stories about which has frightened away many from visiting, but Kowloon Ghost City will allow guests to experience what the walled city may have been like.”
PHOBIA Experience: Phobias to Evoke Inner Fear and Drive Guests Crazy
Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017 will test the limits of personal dread in the PHOBIA Experience where guests will come face-to-face with some of their greatest phobias. In the luxurious mansion Phobia 17, guests will test their will against repulsive objects, claustrophobia and other common phobias before meeting the host who conjured up this twisted factory of ghoulish scenes and experiences. Due to limited capacity, guests are required to reserve in advance a desired timeslot for visiting. Two other attractions, Dark Maze and Down to Hell presented by Kraft Heinz are sure to send chills down the spines of guests as they are challenged to face such fears as navigating a labyrinth of passages in total darkness, or falling from a dizzying height of over three stories.
Joel Brett Talacko, Halloween Show Director, said, "Each year, our production team will unleash their creativity to design unexpected elements of fear for Halloween Fest, in order to stimulate guests' real sense of fear and anxiety. PHOBIA Experience is a breakthrough for us. It comprises a variation of phobic challenges in three attractions, as we want to push guests' tolerance to the limit. We are looking forward to bringing the highest level of Halloween excitement to our guests. "
Rise of the Ancient Evil: The Cursed Forest Arises After Dark
As the sun sets, Rise of the Ancient Evil comes to life. Guests will begin their hellish journey at a temple entrance before entering an eerie and mysterious forest, before stumbling into funeral halls inhabited by strange moving shadows and hungry, demonic souls. Unwary visitors who stumble across ghostly traps may be shocked to find they are being hunted by the resident evil warlock and his army of Chinese vampires.
"Although Ocean Park Halloween Fest falls only in September and October, it is actually a year-long project from the planning phase, to production and then to guests' visiting the attractions. For guests, Rise of the Ancient Evil is a short adventure full of scares and excitement, but behind the scenes, the team has worked closely together to take the attraction from a concept to a reality," said Peggy Au Yeung, one of the members of the Halloween Fest design team.
"Putting guest experience on the top of the list by making all fine adjustments, from the details of small props to room layouts, routes and guest flow arrangements, brings us excitement and satisfaction. We hope guests will enjoy and be amused with all the details we have crafted for the attractions," added Lau Leong Yin, another member of the Halloween Fest design team.
Corporate chartered events for Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017 will begin in mid-September. The general public can experience the attractions and shows at Halloween Fest on 16 selected dates from 5 to 31 October, from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.*. This year, 'Peak Days' will be introduced to Halloween. Guests will need Halloween Fest tickets to enter haunted attractions and watch Hell's Grand Finale on 21, 22, 28 and 29 October. Tickets valid from 5 to 31 October are available for sale on the Ocean Park website starting today and guests can enjoy a 5% discount for purchasing tickets online.
For more details on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2017, please visit http://www.oceanpark.com.hk.
*Individual Halloween attractions have different opening times.