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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 Launches New Park-Wide Approach


The later the guests stay, the bigger the scares as hungry ghosts burst out from haunted attractions

This year, the long-awaited Ocean Park Halloween Fest is back with a whole new park-wide approach! Ghosts will take over the Park’s six haunted zones to spread ghastly elements not only within the haunted attractions but to the entire park. The scares will escalate as the night goes on from 5pm until 10:30pm – the later you stay, the bigger the scares! The two haunted zones Hong Kong Hauntgrounds and The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts will bring alive the city’s infamous horror stories and remind guests of their collective memories.
Meanwhile, the Park is also collaborating with millennial’s favourite global brand - LINE FRIENDS, inviting BROWN and CONY, together with other beloved LINE FRIENDS characters to join a Halloween Candy Adventure. Guests can enjoy up to a HK$130 discount by purchasing their tickets before 30 September to join the Halloween fun.
Ocean Park Transforms into Six Haunted Zones with Wandering Ghosts
This year’s new Halloween approach was based on a series of market research. Timothy Ng, Executive Director, Operations and Entertainment of Ocean Park, said, “A lot of our guests enjoyed Hospital of Horrors at last year’s Halloween Fest with its themed-decoration and performances outside of the attraction. They found those elements to be a great taster before entering the actual attraction, and thought that the experience was more memorable than those only restricted to within an attraction. Hence, this year, the Park decided to expand on this concept and create a park-wide Halloween Fest, bringing the horror experience from the haunted attractions to the entire park. Guests should watch out for ghostly encounters even in the restroom, and be careful not to get wet!”
Ocean Park will be divided into six haunted zones during Halloween Fest, headlined by the Hong Kong Hauntgrounds and The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts at the Waterfront, which are based on Hong Kong’s unique culture and local horror history. After 5pm, the ghostly residents hidden at the abandoned residential blocks will start to materialise at Hong Kong Hauntgrounds and cause paranormal phenomena everywhere around the Park. Guests can visit the mysterious fortune teller, attend a séance with a ghost medium, enter the Phantom Estate Playground and the haunted “Phantom Estate 2.0 presented by WeChat Pay” with their ghost-detecting torches to explore the soon to be demolished housing estate and uncover the grisly faces of the ghostly residents. Premium ticket holders can further enjoy the “VR Minibus Terror” and immerse themselves in the virtual reality experience of the fast lane to Hell.
Meanwhile, Old Hong Kong will be transformed into The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts, where supernatural ambushes can occur anywhere from alleyways to restrooms, along with spooky shows to guarantee non-stop thrills. Guests can use their smartphones to scan the augmented reality devices on the street for a ghostly selfie with the spirits that appeared on their smartphone screen.
The Summit will be divided into four haunted zones with different themes. This includes the post-apocalyptic Wasteland Warzone, where guests will have to make their way through toxic waste and blood-thirsty mutants, as well as the abandoned factory, shops and carpark of “Doomsday Deathtopia”; next Deadly Seas depicts a zone obsessed by the evil souls of ancient pirates, where guests will have to avoid falling into the traps of the “Pirates of the Blood Red Sails” whilst evading zombie pirates and underwater ghosts; based on stories of terrifying human experiments, Psycho Terror Zone presents “Experiment X: Breakout” to push guests’ senses to the limits with special lighting effects and gory scenes; finally, Temple of Sorrow draws from the idea of a secret cult sending out mysterious symbols and ominous messages, with an evil summoning ritual waiting for guests at “H19: Cult presented by Blue Girl Beer”.
The Later You Stay, the Bigger the Scares – Ghostly Presences Await
The escalating scares will begin after 5pm, with darkness closing in as the hours pass by. At 8:44pm sharp, the “20:44 – Hell Invades!” parade will introduce the first climax of the night, where the Ambassadors of Hell escort a coffin to the Waterfront for a mysterious ritual; at 10:30pm, under the control of the Queen of Dark Night, paranormal creatures from every corner of the park will freakishly dance in sync amidst dim lights and chilling music for the biggest scare!
Party with LINE FRIENDS characters during the Day and Experience Upgraded Scares at Night
Rosalind Siu, Executive Director, Sales, Marketing and Public Affairs of Ocean Park, said, “In recent years, we have successfully introduced Halloween Fest to family guests. However, the demand for horror from youngsters has also increased – accommodating both ends of the spectrum is a great challenge. This year, we are collaborating with LINE FRIENDS for guests of all ages to enjoy a chic and fun Halloween, while the idea of ‘the later you stay, the bigger the scares’ will divide the Park experience at 5pm. This dividing line will allow guests to determine what time to enter the Park based on their courage, while also allowing us to push forward with creating even more family-friendly and horrifying experiences simultaneously.”
During Halloween Fest, LINE FRIENDS characters will be visiting Ocean Park’s Whiskers Harbour at LINE FRIENDS Spooky Sweets Playland. Guests of all ages are invited to take part in fun mini games at the “LINE FRIENDS Trick or Treat Mine” to win Chupa Chups and Mentos candies and take pictures with the adorable LINE FRIENDS characters. They can also join LINE FRIENDS characters to produce Halloween candies at the “LINE FRIENDS Sweet Treats Factory”. The cute and charming BROWN and CONY will dress in festive Halloween costumes to dance and enjoy the “LINE FRIENDS Halloween Candy Celebration” with the guests.
Halloween Fest will also feature a futuristic themed attraction, “Neon Zone: Ground Zero”, that presents a virtual cyber-city and high-tech dangers, where guests can fight against deadly enemies with their laser guns in an interactive, high-tech cyber battle setting at the “LaserDome presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong”.
Early Bird Promotion to Help Guests Get the Most out of Halloween Fest
Corporate chartered events for Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 will begin in mid-September. General public can experience the Halloween Fest attractions and shows with their admission tickets on ten selected days between 4 to 31 October*, from 10am to 12am. The Park is launching an early bird promotion until 30 September – guests can enjoy up to HK$130 discount for each adult ticket with admission on selected days (Ticket Price: HK$368). Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel will also launch an “Ocean Park Halloween Fest” package (from HK$2,105 per room per night), which includes complimentary tickets for two adults and one child to access Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 on two consecutive days, offering guests a one-stop entertainment experience at the Park.