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Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 Presents Park-wide “HOWL-loween” Menus


Join LINE FRIENDS in Halloween Party for a Bewitching Feast

This year, Ocean Park Halloween Fest presents a whole new park-wide approach in which ghosts will take over six haunted zones to spread ghastly elements from the haunted houses to the entire park. The scares will escalate as the night goes on – the later you stay, the bigger the scares! Besides, Ocean Park will be welcoming those who dare to have a taste of creepily delicious “HOWL-loween” food and beverages from 21 September to 3 November. For guests on the look for something scarily cute, the Park is going to launch a time-limited LINE FRIENDS collection of magical dishes and mouth-watering desserts.
Perry Chung, Executive Director, Commercial Operations of Ocean Park, said, “This year’s Halloween-themed food and beverages emphasise the elements of scare and surprise. They are set to impress the bravest and the boldest, as well as families and LINE FRIENDS fans of all ages.  Whether it is a sit-down meal with a touch of festivity or a delicious snack on-the-go, the creative designs are sure to make guests and their cameras swoon. I invite you to fully experience all of the festivities we have on offer.”

“Bloody St. Dino” Halloween Fest Set Menu – The Ultimate Challenge to Human Senses
Following the chills from visiting the neighbouring Psycho Terror Zone for some torturous human experiments, horror continues at Café Ocean with the Bloody St. Dino” Halloween Fest Set Menu. Guests will find themselves turning into prisoners upon entry into Café Ocean, where a gruesome jail cell awaits them for photos in the middle of the restaurant. After making their selections from the “Bloody St. Dino” Halloween Fest Set Menu created specially by the “prison chef” for the occasion, food will be served on a prison-style tray. The ultimate sensory challenge includes the taste of “dissected rats”, blood-red cheese drips bursting from deep-fried scallop arancini, and Italian ratatouille and abalone chicken fried rice topped generously with replica creepy-crawlies. The dessert also comes with a scary surprise. Guests must cut through the skin of a faux tangerine to enjoy the tiramisu inside. For added terror, guests will get a pairing chocolate tart that resembles a baby hand rising out of the grave.   
Hong Kong-Style Haunted Treats for a Twist on Taboos
One of the main concepts of the park-wide Halloween Fest this year is the city’s infamous horror stories. Various local snacks based on Hong Kong horrors can be found on The Old Street of Hungry Ghosts – bringing these chilling stories straight to the tip of your tongue. Those who claim to be fearless must brave the “Ghost’s Feast” created for the séance, which includes tofu with sesame sauce, Chinese steamed chicken drumsticks and black sesame pudding in the shape of an incense burner. After the feast, guests can venture into the land of the dead with a full stomach, where they will find nourishing “Soup of Forgetfulness” made from traditional Chinese ingredients such as angelica sinensis, rehmannia glutinosa and pork bones to help them cross over to the underworld. Other awfully tasty treats to test guests’ limits include the “Chocolate Lava Cake with Butter Cookie”, and more.
Black-themed On-the-Go Snacks for Packed Halloween Fun
Meanwhile, food kiosks across the Park will serve a variety of black-themed snacks for guests to enjoy around the park. These include coffin-style hot dogs, as well as mushroom steamed rice and baked pork chop over fried rice topped with a cemetery-mud like thick Japanese black curry sauce for a subtle spicy flavour.
Join the Charming LINE FRIENDS at the Magical Halloween Party
For a relaxed, merry Halloween, guests can head to the Tuxedos Restaurant where a BROWN & FRIENDS Halloween Feast with colourful magic-themed dishes will be served to enchant guests of all ages. The appetiser, “SPOOKY SALLY and Pumpkin”, is a smoked salmon-wrapped parcel of crab and beetroots presented in an adorable pumpkin look. Next, CONY will wave her wand with LINE FRIENDS characters to present the “WIZARD CONY’s Magical Moment”, a rich Hungarian beef broth that is as warm to the heart as it is to the tongue. This will be followed by two choices of main course presented by SALLY, including the “SALLY’s Steak Halloween Feast” – a juicy sirloin steak served with cheese and roasted pumpkin shaped like SALLY herself, and the “WIZARD BROWN’s Seafood Halloween Feast” – an enticing seafood fusilli pasta in tomato sauce topped with buffalo cheese and sustainable seafood. The dessert, “WIZARD BROWN & CONY Romantic Night Sky”, is a pineapple and coconut mousse in the guise of a taro chocolate ice lolly. The “PUMPKIN SALLY Halloween Special Drink”, a fresh mango drink with orange jelly, is a refreshing last note to end on before departing for more Halloween attractions.
More BROWN & FRIENDS food and beverages will be available at designated Park restaurants and kiosks, including the “BROWN & FRIENDS Happy Halloween Bento Box” at Club Panda, the SPOOKY BROWN White Chocolate Mango Mousse Cake” and “WIZARD BROWN Halloween Cherry Chocolate Roll Cake” at Aqua City Bakery, and the “BROWN & FRIENDS Trick or Burger” at various food kiosks – all of which are delightful to the eye and irresistible to the tongue!
Bring Home the Exclusive “LINE FRIENDS Candy Adventure @Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest” Merchandise with Happy Memories
Apart from festive attractions and delicacies, the Park is launching a collection of merchandise including limited-time “LINE FRIENDS Candy Adventure @ Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest” T-shirts, keychains and folders. Hurry to the “LINE FRIENDS Candy Adventure @ Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest” Pop-up Store near the Ocean Express Waterfront Station while stocks last. You can also take home “LINE FRIENDS Candy Adventure @Ocean Park Hong Kong Halloween Fest” limited-edition plushes by challenging the Park’s game booths during Halloween Fest!
Early Bird Promotion to Help Guests Get the Most out of Halloween Fest
Don’t miss out on the “Halloween Fest Early Bird Promotion”! From now until 30 September 2019, guests can enjoy a discount of up to HK$130 off Halloween tickets with admission on selected dates (Ticket Price: HK$368). Even better, Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriott Hotel is offering an “Ocean Park Halloween Fest Package” starting from HK$2,105 per room per night for a one-stop entertainment experience, which includes one-night accommodation in a deluxe king room, along with complimentary tickets for two adults and one child to access Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 on two consecutive days*.

Halloween Fest Early Bird Promotion Details:
Halloween Fest 2019
Event Date
Regular Ticket
Regular Ticket
Premium Ticket
Premium Ticket
4, 11, 18 October HK$368 HK$184 HK$760 K$380
19-20, 24-27, 31 October HK$398 HK$199

In addition, from now until 1 October 2019 guests can book the “Ocean Park Autumn Hottest Package” (not applicable for Halloween Fest 2019 event dates#) at HK$319 through the HKTVmall online platform. Package includes one adult Ocean Park admission ticket and one Häagen-Dazs™ Ice Cream Cone.
* Applicable on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 public event dates of 4, 11, 18-20, 24-27, 31 October 2019
# Tickets are valid for admission on Monday to Thursday, before 6 November 2019
For details of Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2019 and various packages, please visit http://www.oceanpark.com.hk