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Ocean Park Halloween Fest to Take Guests and Their Senses on a Wild Ride Celebration to offer all-new, totally immersive and interactive Halloween experiences


Get set for a whole-new level of extreme frights and a fantastical mix of spooky delights this year at Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016. Asia’s largest Halloween celebration is putting the finishing touches on ten all-new unique experiences at eight haunted attractions for its highly-anticipated launch. And to offer guests even more immersive and interactive experiences, a series of brand-new offerings, ranging from Scare Zones or Secret Rooms designed exclusively for Halloween Fest Premium Ticket holders, to the Halloween Fest App, Halloween Ghost Hunt, will kick the Halloween fun up a few notches.   
Headlining this year’s nail-biting thrills will be 16+ presented by Neway; an age-limited haunted house filled with chamber after chamber of gore and nightmarish horrors, guests’ senses will be put on edge like never before! For a bit of deadly dazzle, the rave-party-themed Club Blood presented by Blue Girl Beer, which is endorsed by Asian idol Danson Tang, will invite guests to reveal the darker side of the party host. Another adrenaline-pumping Halloween experience, Ghostbusters Live! presented by Yahoo! Hong Kong, a Ghostbusters-themed attraction in collaboration with Sony Pictures, will transform guests into their childhood heroes to battle hordes of evil ghosts.
Vivian Lee, Executive Director, Sales & Marketing, said, “Halloween Fest 2016 is the perfect combination of a never-ending scream fest and light-hearted experiences. We have been licensed to celebrate this year’s new release of the iconic Hollywood franchise, Ghostbusters. We have also partnered with Asian idol Danson Tang to make our annual Halloween celebration truly world-class. What’s more, to ensure that the Halloween Fest experience is truly unforgettable, guests can enjoy specially created offerings during this year’s celebration. For instance, Halloween Fest Premium Ticket holders can enjoy all the unique experiences that come with our event, plus more, for the price of one Premium Ticket, which remains unchanged. New privileges will include exclusive access to four terrifying Secret Rooms, on top of express queueing for all haunted houses and selected attractions. Guests can also book our Halloween Fest SkeleFun VIP Tour, which will feature a wealth of exclusive offerings, such as a private visit to the Halloween Make-up Centre, access to Secret Rooms at selected haunted houses, a rare opportunity to sit for a ghost-themed special-effects make-up and costuming session, and priority access to all haunted attractions and rides before and after the tour.”
Corporate chartered events for Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016 will begin in mid-September. The general public can experience Halloween Fest on 17 selected dates from 2 – 31 October, beginning at 11am each day, and all the way to 11pm. Thrill seekers and horror aficionados can enjoy all the fun and fear of Halloween Fest with one admission ticket (HK$385).
16+ – Presenting Horror Beyond The Supernatural
This year’s Ocean Park Halloween Fest will offer terror, fear and spooky fun from all-new angles. Guests can take part in the hilarious horror at Ghostbusters Live!, be mesmerized by the alluring danger at Club Blood or experience extreme fear and sensory overload at 16+.
Eva Au Yeung, Ocean Park’s Events & Entertainment Director said, “We tailor-make our attractions so that they fit a diverse range of guest preferences and personalities. The main event this year will be the ground-breaking 16+ haunted house, which will offer guests a truly unique experience that goes beyond the supernatural, and one that cannot be compared with traditional, creepy and spine-chilling haunted houses. After being mesmerized by a sensuous live show, guests will suddenly find themselves in a bloodstained chamber surrounded by the hysterical screaming of gruesome victims of vicious human experiments. This experience is going to surprise even the most seasoned adrenaline junkies.”
Club Blood – Collaboration with Top Idol to ‘Capture’ Youngsters from Around the Region
Reflecting Asian idol Danson Tang’s enchanting charisma, Club Blood will offer guests the hippest and most alluring Halloween experience, by immersing them in a rave party at a luxurious mansion. Guests will be greeted by a 3D mapping projection of the enticing Lord of Vampires, played by Danson Tang, as well as coming into contact with numerous seductive vampires at the attraction.
“We are working for the first time with a non-local artist, and are leveraging Danson Tang’s popularity in Asia to create a haunted attraction that appeals to  young Asian guests, and encourages them to take part in Halloween Fest,” said Vivian Lee.
Ghostbusters Live! – Bringing Iconic Movie Scenes To Life 
A tribute to one of the spookiest and most hilarious films in Hollywood history, Ghostbusters Live!, licensed by and designed in collaboration with New York-based Lynton V Harris & The Sudden Impact! Entertainment Company, will offer guests of all ages an opportunity to explore the extensive Ghostbusters world like never before. Guests can ‘live’ the iconic scenes from the brand-new Ghostbusters movie, which made its debut this summer; from the eerie mansion or the haunted subway, to New York’s Times Square. Located inside Ghostbusters Live!, Ghostbusters Academy will offer an ultra-fun ghost-hunting experience which is completely different from the rest of the haunted house. It will be the perfect backdrop for spooktacular photos. Guests can explore the Ghostbusters’ secret base at the fire station, then other scenes from the first two movies, as well as meet the iconic character Slimer and fire a proton gun at the themed practice range to ‘bust’ some ghosts!
All-New Frightening & Spooky Attractions for Guests of All Ages
Other haunted houses will include School of Shadows, a ghostly abandoned school full of horrible tales; the Legendary Palace / Palace of Death presented by Huawei, this year’s transforming attraction – will be a glamourous castle by day and deadly trap by night; and Sugary Spook Village – the longest outdoor walk-through trick-or-treat trail in Hong Kong where kids and adults can fill their goodie bags to the brim with Chupa Chups, Mentos candies and Tim Tam chocolate biscuits.
Even More Immersive Halloween Experiences – Halloween Fest App, Scare Zones & Spooky Shows
Ocean Park will also launch a brand-new Halloween Fest App, Halloween Ghost Hunt, to offer guests even more enthralling experiences! Apart from trying out augmented reality and snapping selfies with the ethereal spirits at the Legendary Palace, guests can also play mini games on the app anywhere in the Park to redeem special gifts. What’s more, the app is a ghost detector, and will show guests where to ‘locate’ the ghosts and ghouls roaming the Park, so they can ‘capture’ them with their camera! Halloween Ghost Hunt will be available for download from the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android) starting from 13 September.
“This year’s Halloween Fest will offer guests a series of firsts for even more immersive experiences! To ensure that guests will have an unforgettable time, we have filled every corner of the Park with terror-inducing attractions. Two Scare Zones will be built for the first-time ever, featuring Chinese and Western themes, where ghosts may appear out of nowhere to catch them off guard,” added Eva Au Yeung.
Wrapping up the Halloween entertainment will be a vast number of hilarious and mind-boggling shows. The highlight will be Project Deathway presented by Meyer Sound, featuring top models with smouldering post-mortal looks from the depths of ‘Hell’ strutting the runway to a jaw-dropping song and dance performance. The show will feature hot local topics and silly gags that Hong Kong people will definitely relate with!
For more details on Ocean Park Halloween Fest 2016, please visit http://halloween.oceanpark.com.hk.