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(Hong Kong – 27 October 2006) For the first time in 21 years, a Hong Kong tourist spot, Ocean Park, was selected as the recipient of the Gold Award for a marketing campaign, “Love Hong Kong, Love Ocean Park!” from the city’s most authoritative professional business association, the Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA).

HKMA has been running the “HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence” since 1985, to “bestow honour and public recognition on individuals and organizations that have, through outstanding marketing programmes, broken barriers and raised the standards of the marketing profession.”

The 29-year-old Ocean Park Hong Kong, recently named by Forbes.com as one of the Top 10 Amusement Parks in The World, had to bolster its position as the much-loved, Hong Kong people’s park that connects people with nature, and foster local loyalty in the face of the impending arrival in 2005 of the multinational theme park, Disneyland.

Paul Pei, Ocean Park’s sales and marketing director, said, “We want to establish ourselves firmly as Hong Kong people’s park. And to tie in with our 30th anniversary in January 2007, our strategy was to develop campaigns that will generate sales and loyalty, and which will also invoke people’s warm memories of Ocean Park. The campaign also had to stay close to what we stand for and differentiate us from other attractions in Hong Kong – our dedication to educate about nature and conservation in entertaining ways. ”

“For this, we launched a series of campaigns over the year, such as the “Lovin’ Hong Kong” identity card promotion, whereby local residents can enjoy discounts if their personal ID contained the numbers “3” and/or “0” (as in “30th anniversary”.) We also offered free admissions for local people on their birthdays, as well as calling on local people to share with us their memories and photographs of their times at Ocean Park. This ultimately led to the book, Our Ocean Park,” Mr Pei said

“Additionally, to fulfill our mission to promote education and conservation, we always dedicate the Easter period to animals. This Easter, our animal month was called “Animal Close Encounters.” There were many exotic animal exhibits with experiential corners where guests can get up real close to the animals. To promote this annual in-park event, we launched the “Love Animals, Love Ocean Park” campaign, which was reinforced by a thematic and interactive TV advertisement,” Mr Pei added

This TV campaign was given a Citation for Outstanding TV Campaign at the Awards event.This TV campaign was given a Citation for Outstanding TV Campaign at the Awards event.

Ocean Park’s heart and mind campaigns paid off. And as if to defy the dire predictions made by many about its fate, Ocean Park saw itself setting new attendance records with over four million visitors in its fiscal years 2004/2005, and 2005/2006.

Furthermore, local patronage surged to 77 % at one point, overturning the traditional customer profile of 50% Mainland China tourists to 44% Local Residents.

Hong Kong people also named Ocean Park as their “Most Loveable Site in Hong Kong” in a territory-wide poll organized by the Hong Kong SAR Government.

Comments from the panel of judges for the Award were quote, “Love Hong Kong, Love Ocean Park!” was commended as a top class marketing campaign demonstrating how a company could transform a potential risk into an opportunity through effective marketing. The overall campaign strategies were well-planned and well-executed. The results were remarkable in terms of setting a new record in attendance, increasing revenue for both the Park and the overall tourist industry. Staff morale has also been improved and they were proud of being a part of the Park. It was definitely a win-win-win-win case for stakeholders, management, staff, and the general public unquote.

“We sincerely thank everyone for the support, and pledge that we will continue to serve Hong Kong faithfully by bringing more and better enrichment programmes and attractions,” Mr Pei said.

“Other than being awarded the Gold Prize for the “HKMA/TVB Awards for Marketing Excellence 2006,” and the Citation for Outstanding TV Campaign, Ocean Park was also presented with a Citation for Innovation. Ocean Park marketing manager, Vivian Lee, was honoured with the Best Presentation Award.

In 2003, Ocean Park’s Halloween Bash 2002 received the Bronze Award for Marketing Excellence..

TVB is one of two public TV broadcasters in Hong Kong.


About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is Hong Kong’s unique homegrown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 76 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation.