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Ocean Park in Search for Talented Ghouls for Halloween Fest 2018


Recruiting 2,200 Diverse and Talented Staff

Looking to build on its annual spectacular, Halloween Fest 2018, Ocean Park is in search for 2,200 staff for Halloween Fest 2018, including 1,200 performers, 400 backstage crew members and 600 frontline staff.  Auditions will be held on August 1 (Wednesday) at Hong Kong Ocean Park Human Resources Department and August 7 at Hong Kong East Job Centre in Revenue Tower, Wan Chai. Part-time positions at the Park will commence from this month until November, with a minimum hourly rate of HK$55 and a maximum of HK$200; around 3-5% increase compared with last year. Performers can earn as high as HK$150 per hour with a performance bonus up to 20% of total salary. Outstanding performers may even be considered for the Park’s permanent positions to give full play to their strengths.
Timothy Ng, Executive Director of Operations & Entertainment, Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park highly values creativity, enthusiasm and team spirit; and a willingness to work on weekends and public holidays is also necessary for all positions. For candidates hoping to be a performer or dancer, they will need to undergo some form of assessment before employment, such as script reading or improvisation. Candidates who are outgoing, passionate about their work and keen on bringing a memorable experience to guests will be a great fit. While for backstage crew members and frontline staff, having expertise and relevant experiences for relevant positions are essential. Ideally, the candidates should also possess good communication skills and be familiar with Ocean Park festive events.
Timothy added,“We believe the Halloween Fest will provide an excellent and unique opportunity for them. We will be offering an average of over 40 hours of training for those hired as performers to acquire the necessary skills to excel in their performances and handle various situations, which will be highly beneficial for their further career development. Apart from attractive salaries, we are also providing flexible working arrangements for staff to pick their shifts on Fridays, weekends and public holidays – meaning tertiary students can also join us after classes.”
Audition dates and venues as follows:
Roles Dates Venues
Performers, Backstage Crew members and Frontline Staff 1 August (Wednesday)
10:00 -12:00 and
14:00 - 16:00
Hong Kong Ocean Park Human Resources Department
7 August (Tuesday)
10:00 - 12:00 and
14:00 - 16:30
Hong Kong East Job Centre in Revenue Tower, Wan Chai