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Ocean Park Introduces New Online Magic Workshop Series Mali Mali @Home!


Ocean Park is calling on curious young minds to join its nature-themed online magic workshop series, Mali Mali @Home!, during the early summer break to explore the secret world of magic and master some amazing tricks with everyday household items.  
Enchanting activities for children aged five to eight
  • The specially designed series brings children four classes of magic tricks themed on terrestrial and aquatic animals, elements of nature such as water, the reuse of domestic waste, and Easter.
  • Children will learn from the Park’s professional magicians and interact with them via Zoom in real time to practise magic tricks to surprise their families and friends, while inspiring them to live green.
Key benefits
  • Physical development: Children will enhance their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination through practising fun magic tricks with their fingers and hands, using props that can readily be found in their home, such as rubber bands, cutlery, straws, envelopes and calendars. 
  • Stimulating creativity: Children will be encouraged to think outside the box and make use of their creativity to customise their magic performances, and demonstrate their hard work in front of other participants online and their family members! 
  • Confidence boost: Children will be amazed at how they have taken on a special challenge to reduce waste by finding wonderful uses for ordinary objects around them.  
Don’t miss the chance to unlock children’s hidden magical powers. Mali Mali @Home! will surely keep them entertained at home while connecting with nature in a creative way. Registration opens at the Ocean Park official website from 4pm today.