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Ocean Park Introduces Pre-booking Parking System for Peak Days


Ocean Park introduces a pre-booking parking system for peak days with expected high attendance and heavier traffic, including 18 – 20, 25-28 September and 1 October, which are the corporate chartered days of the Halloween Fest. Guests can simply call our enquiry hotline at 3923 2323 during the Park’s operating hours to reserve a parking space for peak days at least one day prior to the date of visit.  To avoid aggravating the traffic condition in the Southern District, please understand that cars without a reservation would not be allowed to wait outside of the car park’s entrance. Guests are strongly recommended to use public transportation to travel to Ocean Park for a hassle-free and eco-friendly journey. Citybus' Ocean Park Express (Route 629) will be traveling between Admiralty / Central and Ocean Park from 9am till 11pm on all Halloween event days.

In addition, as part of Ocean Park’s ongoing commitment to reducing carbon emissions and relieving pressure on parking within and around Ocean Park, the Park will adjust its daytime parking fee from HK$150 to HK$250 on peak days to encourage the use of public transportation. All proceeds from the $100 surcharge will be donated to Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong to fund a study on the relationship between climate change, functional micro-habitat usage and breeding success of wild alpine musk deer, which is conducted by Professor MENG Xiuxiang of Renmin University of China. The Park’s parking fee on off-peak days will remain at HK$150.

For more details of the pre-booking parking system for peak days, please visit the Ocean Park website at http://www.oceanpark.com.hk or call the enquiry hotline at 3923 2323 during the Park’s operating hours.