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Ocean Park invites visitors for “Nighttime in the Ocean’s Depths – Seasonal Special” on Valentine’s Day
Greeting the precious Sichuan golden monkeys at Ocean Park and welcoming the Year of the Monkey with “Lunar Lucky Fiesta”


To celebrate the Valentine’s Day that falls on the seventh day in the coming Chinese New Year, Ocean Park is launching Nighttime in the Ocean’s Depths – Seasonal Special” and “Valentine’s Day Get Closer to the Animal Special Package” for lovers. The romantic Valentine’s Day experience offers exclusive night excursion to the Polar Adventure and Shark Mystique, bringing fun, delicious food and customized love messages at the same time. In the beginning of the Year of Monkey, visitors are recommended to take the unique opportunity to visit the three little Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkeys at Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures. Ocean Park also celebrates Chinese New Year with a playful Year of the Monkey, inspired menu and energetic performances.

Wishing a successful breeding of the Sichuan golden monkeys in the Year of the Monkey

Six years old Le Le, and 5 year olds Qi Qi and Hu Hu are the three Sichuan golden monkeys at Ocean Park, all just reaching maturity. Male golden monkey Qi Qi recently joined Ocean Park’s family of animal ambassadors in September 2015 to establish a breeding programme for this endangered species at the Park.  The Park’s animal care and veterinary team have observed Qi Qi mating with both Le Le and Hu Hu, and the team will continue to closely monitor the animals’ behaviors and health, hopeful for a successful conception in time for Valentines’ Day and Chinese New Year. The Park is looking forward to the birth of the first golden baby monkey in Hong Kong in the Year of the Monkey.  To spread the joy, visitors at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures during Chinese New Year will have the chance to receive Chinese New Year red packets including discounted coupons at various retail and F&B outlets in Ocean Park.

Exclusive Valentine’s Day romantic packages

Ocean Park’s Nighttime in the Ocean’s Depths – Seasonal Special” for Valentine’s Day is limited exclusively to fifteen couples. Guests will enjoy an evening stroll in Polar Adventure and a tour of Shark Mystique, where they will learn about sharks and the love stories of the marine world. Couples have also the option to experience nighttime sweet talks alongside the gorgeous fish aquarium. Spending a romantic time with these beautiful creatures is sure to create unforgettable Valentine’s Day memories. The romantic package for two is priced at HKD3,160 including dinner and breakfast.

The Valentine’s Day Get Closer to the Animal Special Package” brings lovers to Penguin Encounter themed with Valentine’s Day, a close contact experience with penguins. More than this, couples will be displayed with a customized love message presented by divers in the Grand Aquarium during the romantic dinner, which is sure to surprise and delight. Six lucky couples will have the chance to participate in this exclusive package which is priced at HKD5,128 and includes two admission tickets, Penguin Encounter themed with Valentine’s Day, lunch and dinner.

A six-course Heartfelt Valentine’s Day” set menu (HKD1,628) in Neptune’s Restaurant is another date option for couples who will enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner in a glamorous, deep sea setting. After dinner, visitors can discover the differences between marine animals from day to night in the Love After Dark Tour in Grand Aquarium”, for an extra HKD300.

The menu begins with the “Dolphins in Love” appetizer, of homemade smoked salmon tartar on toast in flower shapes and served with garden green salad. This is followed by “Cupid’s Arrow” - a heart-shaped ravioli filled with Canadian lobster, cooked in morels lobster cognac sauce which offers rich flavours and textures. The heartwarming “Deeply in Love” cauliflower cream soup with roasted Canadian whelk follows before the “Pure Valentine’s", a fresh lime sorbet to stimulate the taste buds and cleanse the palate for what’s next. The main dish, “The Vow” is a pan-fried Australian salmon fillet served with saffron risotto in pesto cream sauce, to be followed by “Always Together”, a pair of grilled Angus beef tenderloin and spicy cajun king prawn – a blessing for the pair to remain together for as long as they wish. The Valentine’s Day feast ends with “The Love Message”, a raspberry and chocolate mousse cake with fresh fruits which guests can create their personalised messages of love to the beloved on their own, by the DIY food ingredients presented along.

“Year of the Monkey” set menu is the best choice for a festive gathering

In celebration of Chinese New Year of the Monkey, Neptune’s Restaurant at Ocean Park brings a hearty “Year of Monkey” set menu. The feast begins with a “Gourmet Platter” featuring Canadian whelk in wasabi sauce, braised Kagoshima pork belly with peach roll, sea cucumber and Canadian scallops and deep fried prawn wonton with caramelised walnuts. The “Cheeky Monkey Soup”, double boiled chicken consommé with Chinese mushroom, follows and warms guests with happiness. The meal highlight is the main course – “Fortune in the Year of Monkey” - braised South Australian Abalone on deep fried cordycep flowers accompanied with green vegetables presented as cute gold fishes, a blend of cuteness and premium taste, and the “Dragon Wishes”, deep fried Australian king prawns with diced chicken in sweet and sour sauce, for all foodie fanatics! Another highlight is the “Prosperous Luck” featuring steamed seabass served on rice in fresh lotus leaf. The dessert, “Cherry Blossom Wealth” is made of Chinese walnut cookies and osmanthus jelly, wishing guests a fruitful year ahead.

A complimentary guided tour for the Sichuan golden monkeys will be provided for the first 20 guests who order the “Year of Monkey” set menu on a daily basis. The Park’s education ambassador will escort the visit to the golden monkeys at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Sichuan Treasures and offer the opportunities for participants to learn about the features of the golden monkeys, with a view to promote conservation of this precious and endangered species.

Kick off the auspicious New Year with numerous energetic performances 

During Ocean Park’s Lunar Lucky Fiesta”: from 6 to 21 February 2016, an energetic tribe of monkeys will perform Blissful Monkey Drum Troupe on stage at the Waterfront Plaza. The skillful troop will be drumming strong beats and performing with Kung-fu sticks and somersaults and spreading smiles! A variety of Chinese New Year inspired shows will take place at various spots throughout the Park including Lucky Monkey Street Feats, Rising Fortune Lions and Dazzling Dragon Dances, spreading festive cheer. Ocean Park is also bringing back the much-anticipated fantastical ice-skating show Kaleidoscope Ice Spectacular at Applause Pavilion produced by a world-class production team, set in a vibrant kaleidoscope world. This grand circus on the ice combines a mesmerising 3D projection mapping background with an art ensemble of elegant ice-skating and stunning acrobatic aerial acts choreographed by the Winter Olympic Games team. Expect to be amazed and hypnotised by the colours of this Lunar New Year extravaganza!

Ocean Park will receive a festive makeover, with incredible Chinese New Year decorations. Close to Waterfront Plaza, there will be a large mirror installation at House of New Year Fortune and at Peach Blossom Path, gorgeous blossom blooms along the trail. In Old Hong Kong, gigantic Chinese New Year decorations such as the Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey themed parade car, Fai Chun and windmills will be on display as the perfect backdrop for capturing moments with those near and dear. Lunar New Year celebrations at Ocean Park are not complete without activities especially for children. Whiskers Harbour will hold a Lucky Drums Kids Workshop where children will learn to play drums from the famous Monkey Drum King himself, welcoming the New Year with a jubilant vibe!

CNY souvenirs to celebrate the Year of the Monkey

Ocean Park will launch a series of CNY souvenirs this year. To bring good luck, visitors can print personalised lucky totems and wishes on glass bottles, red packets, tote bags and T-shirts at the Rainbow Gallery. Visitors can also create DIY lucky soft bracelets to string all the animal pendants together, which will bring the best New Year wishes. Some animal themed spring couplets, including designs of monkeys, dolphins and sharks, will fill energy and brighten up homes.

To find out more about Ocean Park festive packages and menus, please call (852) 3923-2323 or visit www.oceanpark.com.hk