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Ocean Park Launches Lovely Panda Month Starting in May Golden Week Over $1,500 in Saving for Two Guests Visiting Together 80 Lovely Panda Sculptures Present Most Adorable Selfie Hotspot


Ocean Park, home to the world’s oldest-ever giant panda and the world’s second oldest male panda under human care, is designating May as Lovely Panda Month, giving the public a chance to deepen their appreciation of the importance of panda conservation while visiting their favourite An An, Jia Jia, Ying Ying and Le Le. The Park is also introducing extensive discounts for locals and tourists. All guests can enjoy two-for-the-price-of-one promotion for the Honorary Panda Keeper programme, worth over HK$1,300 in savings*. Exclusive for local guests, the Park is also offering up to 25% discount for up to two admission tickets purchased on the same day to guests whose Chinese or English name matches specified characters or letters related to the theme of panda. This can add up to almost HK$200 of additional savings for two adults. Guests can also enjoy a 30% discount on panda merchandise and a portion of panda merchandise sales proceeds will be donated to the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation, Hong Kong in support of giant panda conservation, education and scientific research initiatives.
Discount Offers
In celebration of Lovely Panda Month, Ocean Park is introducing a wide range of significant promotional offers for panda fans:
  • Two-for-the-price-of-one offer for the Honorary Panda Keeper programme: Programme includes a visit inside the panda enclosure and the opportunity to help prepare the pandas' special meals and experience the work of Ocean Park’s panda keepers.
  • Name Matching Admission Discount: From 1 – 31 May, Hong Kong Identity Card holders whose Chinese name includes one of five specified characters (熊、盈、樂、安、佳) or whose English name includes one of the four letters from the word “PANDA” can enjoy a 20% discount on their admission ticket. Those with two or more non-repeating matching Chinese characters or English letters can receive 25% discount (Chinese characters and English letters cannot be combined to achieve two matches for the purpose of this offer. Details can be found on Ocean Park’s official website).
  • Panda Merchandise Discount: A 30% discount is available for all panda plush during Lovely Panda Month and for all panda souvenirs during Sichuan Week (21 – 29 May). Guests who purchase a giant panda headband during Lovely Panda Month can receive a panda-themed Face Painting service at the special price of HK$20. The service is available on Fridays, Saturday, Sundays and public holidays during Lovely Panda Month, and every day during Sichuan Week.
 Lovely Panda Month Highlights
In celebration of Lovely Panda Month, Ocean Park is presenting Hong Kong’s largest panda-themed edutainment event to enable the public to learn more about panda conservation. Highlights include:
  • Panda Photo Hot Spots: Pandaorable Squad – a panda-themed installation with 80 giant panda sculptures in a variety of adorable poses are joined by two panda-themed topiaries to transform Waterfront Plaza into a giant selfie zone. Besides getting up-close to the sculptures for selfies, guests can help spread conservation messages through their photos.
  • Sichuan Week – The artistic ambience will intensify during Sichuan Week when a panda-themed art exhibition travelling across Asia will be staged at the Applause Pavilion. The exhibition will feature artworks including paintings, sculptures and photographs.
  • Giant Panda Handicraft Workshop – The artistically inclined would not want to miss this workshop available at Whiskers Harbour on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays during Lovely Panda Month, and every day during Sichuan Week. Participants can learn how to use coloured clay to make panda-themed accessories such as key chains and decorative displays.
  • Giant Panda Talk-and-Learn – Throughout Lovely Panda Month, Amazing Asian Animals will present “Giant Panda Talk-and-Learn” educational narration on husbandry practices that keep pandas healthy. Guests will also have a chance to win in-Park spending coupons by answering questions from the sessions. There will also be multimedia educational displays on giant panda reproduction, the breeding challenges they face, the developmental process of panda cubs and ways in which guests can help conserve this species in everyday life.
  • Panda-themed Dining Experience – Panda Café will introduce three adorable panda-themed sets, including the Panda Sandwich Set, the Panda Bento Box, the Panda Kid’s Menu, and a refreshing Panda Delight drink. Guests looking for something cute and sweet should head to Aqua City Bakery for a box of Mini Panda Chocolates, some Mini Panda Muffins or Panda Cookies.
*Illustration of discount savings for two guests visiting together:
Items Original Costs Max. Discounted Costs Max. Savings
Honorary Panda Keeper $2,760 $1,380 $1,380
Admission $770 $577.5 $192.5
TOTAL $3,530 $1,957.5 $1,572.5