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Ocean Park Lunar Lucky Fiesta 2008


(17 January 2008, Hong Kong) Ocean Park's Chinese New Year mascot, "Shu Bao Bei", and Chairman Dr. Allan Zeman, dressed as the “King of Rats” to usher in the Year of the Rat, are celebrating this festive season in spectacular style with Lunar Lucky Fiesta. From 2 through 17 February, every corner of the Park will be bursting with colorful celebrations, traditional Chinese festivities and international entertainment, including the headlining smash hit, Ice Spectacular!, an ice-skating and musical extravaganza; the Hong Kong debut of Ladies' Dragon Dance, an all-female dance troupe hailing from Yunnan province; and Ocean Park's Celebration of Re-Creation float - made with over 40,000 pieces of recycled materials - for the 2008 Chinese New Year night parade. Throughout the festive period, guests will be welcomed by the festive Lunar icons, Whiskers and friends in traditional Chinese costumes, as well as a new festive food & drink and retail selection.

We're thrilled to launch our first big event of 2008, our Lunar Lucky Fiesta, and I'm pleased to introduce our new Chinese New Year mascot, Shu Bao Bei. On a more personal note, this New Year will be particularly exciting as I was born in the Year of the Rat myself,” said Dr. Zeman at today's media briefing. “In addition to a dynamite lineup of international acts as well as authentic, traditional Chinese New Year favourites, we also have our biggest ever annual lucky draw with 350,000 prizes. Everyone has the chance to go home a winner," he said.

Over at Tai Shue Wan Plaza this Lunar New Year is Festive Sensation on Ice, where the breathtaking Ice Spectacular! is staged. Also at the Plaza is Golden Glitter Ice Palace - presented by PRO CAM-FIS, a sub-zero labyrinth shimmering with elaborate ice sculptures themed on lunar icons, showcased under special lighting effects. There is also a 9 metre traditional lion’s head for perfect festive photo opportunity with friends and family.

At the Lowland, guests can catch an all-in-one showcase of Lunar attractions over at House of Blessings, complete with an interactive journey and visual feast for the whole family to enjoy. Spin the wheel of fortune, or hit the lucky drum to kick start a lucky new year, before exploring all the festive favourites - peach blossoms, money trees, statues of God of Fortune, and other auspicious Lunar icons, for memorable photo opportunities.

There will also be Parkwide Shows, featuring a "divine” lineup of Lunar gods and goddesses, bringing festive fanfare and entertainment to guests throughout the park. Further traditional Chinese New Year favourites include the vibrant and authentic performances of the Yunnan Ladies Dragon Dance troupe, Lion Dance, and the Gods on stilts to greet you with Luck, Prosperity and Longevity. Chinese Arts & Crafts Workshops will also be set up throughout the Headland and Lowland, to offer a vibrant showcase of the diversity of traditional Chinese culture, from fortune-telling to the time-honoured craft of "grasshopper-knitting". And last but not least is the iconic God of Fortune, who will be roving around with lai-sees to bring you good fortune in the New Year.

Younger guests can check out Kid’s Dancing Lion Academy, a festive school of arts and action where they can sign up for lessons in traditional lion and dragon dance, and try their hand at making unique national minority arts and crafts. The Park has also prepared a festive menu with auspicious sounding dishes, as well as 88 new gift items. Additionally, close to 8,000 pots of red, yellow or purple chrysanthemums and tangerine pot plants will create festive sensation throughout the Park.

 "As Hong Kong's homegrown theme park that celebrates the wonders of nature and wildlife conservation, we are proud to present Ocean Park's Celebration of Re-Creation float, created from recycled materials," said Dr. Zeman. "We will be taking this opportunity to show our support to environmental initiatives, and to demonstrate how it's possible to enjoy a world-class party and be green at the same time. .”

Featuring icons of the Park’s signature animals – dolphins, sea lion, and giant pandas Ying Ying and Le Le - the float celebrates their lively nature by re-creating their figures with close to 40,000 pieces of recycled materials, such as recycled aluminium cans, plastic bottles, bottle caps and compact discs. Set against a colourful backdrop and lighting effects, these adorable icons will spring to life alongside Whiskers and Chief, to add a meaningful touch to the Chinese New Year night parade, organised by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, for 7 February 2008. Festive sounds performed by a professional percussion band, using instruments made with recycled materials, will provide the "green" soundtrack to the Parade, followed by 100 secondary students who will join in on the celebration with their own handmade musical instruments.

 And finally, everyone is invited to try out their lunar luck at Ocean Park Golden Rat Lucky Draw, with fabulous prizes totaling close to HK$8,000,000. Top prizes include pure gold figurines, top-of-the-line refrigerators, plasma HDTV, notebook computer, five-star holiday for two to Bangkok, mobile phones, banquet dinners, Ocean Park annual passes, and more.

 Ocean Park Lunar Lucky Fiesta kicks off on 2 February and lasts through17 February, opening daily from 10am to 7pm between 2 and 6 February, and opening from 9:30am to 8pm between 7 and 17 February.

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