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Ocean Park Offers Nostalgic Wedding Experience at Old Hong Kong for First Time Lunar Lucky Fiesta Presents World-class Acrobatic Drumming Show Creative CNY Dishes and Fusion Menus for Valentine’s


With many lovebirds looking to tie the knot in the Year of the Horse to take advantage of the favourable “double spring with leap month”, Ocean Park is offering for the first time nostalgic wedding experiences at Old Hong Kong. Couples can share their special day with friends and family amidst the historic-based and popular attraction’s “tong lau” style apartment buildings, vintage tramcar, and heritage bus, creating wedding memories enriched by the legacy and spirit of Hong Kong. Ocean Park has prepared numerous pleasant surprises for guests, from culinary creations to spectacular performances during Lunar Lucky Fiesta. In addition to a wide range of auspicious Chinese New Year dishes and fusion menus for Valentines, the Park has specially invited the internationally renowned An Zhishun percussion troupe to perform an acrobatic drumming show, with stunning somersault moves. Ocean Park is set to be the most boisterous destination for celebrating the Chinese New Year.

Mr. Joseph Leung, Executive Director of Revenue, said, “For the fast approaching Year of the Horse, Ocean Park once again will be the most festive attraction in Hong Kong, with a wonderful array of performances and culinary delights. Couples planning to marry in the auspicious year can choose among different romantic spots within the Park to hold their wedding ceremony, making the experience even more unforgettable. In addition, Ocean Park will host the Hong Kong Love Hub Speed Dating Event during the Valentine’s period. The response has been overwhelming since the application process started last week, with over 700 applications received within just three days. We sincerely encourage singles from Hong Kong and around the world to seize the opportunity and apply as soon as possible.”

Mr. Nick Lee, Senior Food and Beverage Operations Manager, said, “As a world-class theme park, Ocean Park boasts many uniquely romantic spots for couples to pledge their lifetime commitment. Many couples are fond of proposing or exchanging vows in the witness of adorable animal ambassadors at the Ocean Theatre. Whereas Neptune’s Restaurant – Hong Kong’s only aquarium-side dining destination – is the Park’s most popular venue for wedding banquets as the newlyweds can enjoy mesmerizing underwater views along with delicious western and Chinese cuisine. With 2014 bringing ‘double spring with leap month’, Ocean Park is introducing a traditional Chinese wedding experience at Old Hong Kong, where guests can say ‘I do’ and take wedding photos against the backdrop of Hong Kong from the 1950’s and 1960’s.”

Ocean Park offers many different locations for the exchange of vows. In addition to Old Hong Kong and Ocean Theatre, couples can also choose the Ferris Wheel or the Grand Aquarium. As for wedding banquet venues other than Neptune’s Restaurant, there are Bayview Restaurant, Panda Café and Terrace Café. Packages for ceremony and banquet start at HK$88,888. In 2013, Ocean Park began issuing to couples proposal certificates, which entitle them to future discounts on wedding banquet. A total of 50 couples have received these certificates to date.

Lee added, “Ocean Park recorded a year-on-year increase of 10% in revenue from catering operations in 2013. We expect to see an 8% increase in revenue from our catering business in 2014. To celebrate Chinese New Year and Chinese Valentine’s Day, which happens to fall on 14 February this year, we have prepared a series of creative fusion dishes to augment the festive spirit.”

Mr. Gavin Lam, Senior Retail Operations Manager, said, “In 2013, our retail sales grew by 13%, driven in part by the popularity of festive souvenirs and clothing items. This year, we have created a wide range of merchandise that combines both traditional and fashionable elements, offering guests different gifting options during the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s period. For 2014, our revenue from merchandise sales is projected to see a 15% increase.”

Fusion Elements Adds to Auspiciousness of Festive Dishes
To augment the festive atmosphere of the Chinese New Year, Neptune’s Restaurant will offer the 5-course Lucky Blossom Banquet Set for four, priced at only HK$1,388. More specially created festive dishes and auspicious desserts will also be available at various in-park restaurants.

With this year’s Chinese Valentine’s Day falling on 14 February, Neptune’s Restaurant at Ocean Park is offering on the doubly romantic day The Flavour of Love Set Menu for two, featuring  expertly prepared seasonal ingredients, complemented by a glass of La Vie en Rose (Kir Royal) and beautiful panoramic underwater views. Priced at HK$1,488, the two-person set is only available on 14 February and includes a free 5R photo. Bookings made before 10 February can enjoy a packaged price of HK$1,888, which includes park admission for two. Moreover, guests can enjoy a packaged price of HK$1,610, which also includes park admission for two, on or before 1 February. A diver will help display a message of love inside the Grand Aquarium for the first three couples to confirm their booking of The Flavour of Love Set Menu.

Lucky Lunar Fiesta Brings Fresh Energy for New Year
To celebrate the vitality of the Year of the Horse, Ocean Park will present at the Waterfront Fortune Laden Beats, a spectacular acrobatics routine by the internationally renowned Xian An Zhishun Percussion Troupe, which will perform songs written by the "King of Drums", An Zhishun, himself. In addition to the amazing drum performance, the Fusion CNY Dance Party will bring signature moves from the East and West together in a unique fusion of dances mimicking a horse’s movements to weave a stunning visual treat for audiences. The Golden Lions Street Dance Celebration will also add a twist to the traditions by injecting modern beat and street dance steps into the traditional Chinese New Year lion dance. The extremely well-received world-class aerial show “Aqua Voyage” will continue throughout Chinese New Year. The show combines stunts, dance and acrobatics to create graceful motions for an extraordinary sensory experience. Kids can also join in the celebration by learning all about the history and meaning of lucky pinwheels, and even make their very own to take home at the Kid’s Pinwheels Workshop at Whiskers Harbour. Guests would not want to miss God of Fortune Palace where the God of Fortune will give out lucky red packets.

International Speed Dating Event Fills the Air with Romance
Ocean Park is collaborating with the Hong Kong Tourism Board, the Airport Authority Hong Kong and Speed Dating FEVER for the first time to present during 14-16 February Hong Kong’s first-ever large-scale international speed dating event HK Love Hub Speed Dating Event, showcasing the romantic spirit of Hong Kong to the entire world. From today until 7 February, interested singles in Hong Kong or overseas can register on-line at www.hklovehub.com or contact Speed Dating FEVER at (852) 2961 4632. In addition, Ocean Park has specially prepared an array of romantic spots, including The Peach Blossom Garden, Lucky Blossom Bubble, Pony of Prosperity and the Tunnel of Love for lovebirds to enjoy a romantic stroll. Couples can also look forward to requesting a little luck in love from Yue Lao at the God of Romance Palace. The response of HK Love Hub Speed Dating Event has been overwhelming since the application process started last week, with over 700 applications received within just three days.