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Ocean Park’s Animal Ambassadors Ready to Spread Christmas Cheer


(24 December 2012, Hong Kong) With Christmas just around the corner, animal ambassadors at Ocean Park have come up with novel ways to send festive greetings to every guest in the Park!

At Polar Adventure, the 75-strong colony of penguins has already propped up their new home – at the South Pole Spectacular – with big and colorful snowmen. The feathery birds are already enjoying themselves in the companion of these new friends, on their first-ever Christmas celebration spent with the Park’s guests. Meanwhile, the macaws have skilfully crafted a unique greeting card to send their warmest blessings to everyone in the Park.

No Christmas celebration would be complete without a seasonal feast! Pygmy marmosets, the world’s smallest monkeys, are treated with a “gigantic” smiling fruit snowman as big as themselves, which also doubles up as a birthday gift for the first-ever marmoset born in Ocean Park, who just turned one year old.

Finally, the school of fish ambassadors at the Grand Aquarium are delivering their festive fare straight to the doorstep in an unusual way – by having Santa Claus in the water personally feeding them to spread the Christmas spirit to all guests!