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Ocean Park’s Brand new “Wild Twister” Ride Spices Up the Glittering Holiday Season


New Night-Time Entertainment Experience “Gala of Lights” Will Turn the Park into the Hottest Nightlife Attraction

Ocean Park is set to unleash a series of incredible attractions this Christmas running all the way to January 2020. To kick off the joyous season, “Ocean Park Christmas Sensation” will run through 7 December 2019 to 1 January 2020, featuring amazing photo taking destinations, festive food and beverage offerings and special offers for Hong Kong residents on admission tickets of up to 30% off. As December progresses, the excitement will ramp up with the debut of a brand-new thrilling ride, Wild Twister”. The Park will also launch its latest night-time entertainment experience, Gala of Lights”, in January 2020. The new experience will feature spectacular multimedia shows, a unique interactive and customisable shopping experience, eating options galore as well as a collection of show and dining packages.
Glittering Photo Spots to Enchant Guests
This year, Ocean Park’s Christmas attractions will be even more fashionable and trendier than ever, with all kinds of fantasy effects to immerse guests in a contemporary Christmas, as well as offering them Instagrammable photo opportunities. From the bright and artistic “Crystalline Christmas Tree presented by Sino Group” to “Shimmering Christmas Forest”, guests will certainly be enchanted by the dazzling glitter of the installations under the winter sunlight. Santa Claus and his elves will also make special appearances at the gift-box-shaped “Santa's Christmas Cottage”, where guests can capture their Christmas memories with these celebratory icons.
Kids can then bring along their parents to Whiskers Harbour, where they can participate in fun and interactive games in “Whiskers & Friends Conservation Adventure”, all-the-while learning important things about conservation. Guests can challenge each other with interactive “Ocean Defenders” and “Save the Penguins” games and learn about conservation while having fun as a family.
From 7 December 2019 to 5 January 2020, Ocean Park will also launch a Hong Kong residents-exclusive “Winter Promotion” with ticket-for-two package. Guests can enjoy a discount of up to 30% on admission for two adults at HK$700 and for two children at HK$350.
Waterspout-inspired Ride to Spice up Festive Fun
Arriving at Ocean Park on 20 December, the brand-new waterspout-inspired “Wild Twister” ride will spice up the festive fun with screams and laughter, challenging daredevils with an extreme experience as its arms swinging and spinning crazily on their own separate axes, at an extreme acceleration of up to 4G. The ride merges its intense movement with a magnificent view of the South China Sea, taking adventurous guests on a voyage reminiscent of being in the middle of a waterspout.
To help guests prepare for the thrilling journey ahead, the ride experience starts with a simulated tornado installation at the waiting zone, as well as a fun yet educating video featuring Leung Wing-mo, former Assistant Director of the Hong Kong Observatory, who will enthral guests with fun facts about waterspouts. Guests can also download the “Wild Twister AR” mobile app with mini games and selfie effects for photo opportunities and an immersive ride experience.
All-new Night-time Offerings to Extend Guests Stay
To offer guests with an enhanced all-round experience, Ocean Park will also launch an all-new night-time entertainment experience, “Gala of Lights”, on 10 January 2020. From 6:30pm to 10:00pm every night, the permanent daily offerings will bring guests on an extraordinary adventure in an oceanic wonderland, featuring never-before-seen multimedia shows, exciting interactive experiences, dining options galore, and an array of unique souvenirs.
“With one-stop offerings from entertainment, dining to shopping, ‘Gala of Lights’ will offer guests every reason to stay late into the evening. It is also a milestone of the Park’s transformation into a resort destination with diversified entertainment being available. Different dining packages will be on offer to attract working adults and other young audience segments to enjoy an after-work visit to the Park, as we are keen to expand our customer base and strengthen our appeal to this age group,” said Rosalind Siu, Executive Director, Sales, Marketing and Public Affairs of Ocean Park.
Mind-blowing Multimedia Shows to Capture Guest’s Hearts
As the highlight of the oceanic adventure, guests will be introduced to “Soul of the Ocean”, a one-of-a-kind immersive show created by Moment Factory, the Montreal-based award-winning multimedia studio. Spectators will meet ANIMO, an ancient spirit in the heart of Ocean Park’s Aqua City Lagoon and mysterious Lagoon Keepers, that dance with water and play with light as they tap into the powerful frequencies of the natural world in their nightly rituals. This 12-minute spectacle features a tailor-made combination of original music, spectacular projection mapping, and surprising special effects, including flaming jets, lasers, mist and dancing water fountains. In addition, a breath-taking performance with a cast of 20 artistes from around the world, directed by artist collective The 7 Fingers, will complete the experience.
The grand finale of this evening is an inspirational journey through the city, with “Visions of Hong Kong”, a multimedia fountain show also created by Moment Factory. Guests will travel through impressionist landscapes that feature the iconic city’s lush natural beauty, architectural wonders, and many cultures, as lights and fountains dance before their eyes.
Time-limited Gourmet Food to Bring Excitement to Your Taste Buds
To indulge guests from their eyes to their taste buds, a variety of gastronomy options will be presented together with the amazing shows, including two “Soul of the Ocean Show Dinner” menus, the exquisite and scrumptious “Heritage and Precious Tasting Menu” designed by internationally acclaimed chef Qu Hao, using 200-year-old Japanese Hamadaya soy sauce and ingredients from Kumamoto, and “Ginger Grill's Gala Dinner Set” featuring authentic Thai favours. Choices of snacks and wines will also be available at the food kiosks and bar at Lakeside Chill. Guests can purchase show dinning packages to enjoy the multi-media shows at the designated deck.
Customisable Souvenirs to Remember a Magical Evening
A wonderful evening is not complete without a souvenir to mark this extraordinary adventure. Unique and customisable merchandise available only at OPX, the Park’s experiential store, will provide the perfect take home gifts. On top of a range of “Gala of Lights” themed souvenirs, guests can also mix and match their favourite graphics and icons to produce their very own customised souvenirs inside the store.
To support the promotion of social inclusion and the development of the local arts industry, Ocean Park is collaborating with ADAM Arts Creation, a social enterprise set up by Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong. Together they have commissioned three local artists with disabilities, Alvin Li Tze Shun, Apple Tong Wing Yin and So Tat Shing, to design a series of themed artworks based on Ocean Park, Hong Kong or animals which guests will be able purchase.
Packages of Gala of Lights will be available from 1 January 2020, along with a series of grand opening offers to celebrate the event’s launch. Guests can enjoy a discount of up to 33% on packages for 10 January to 31 March, by simply booking through the Park's website.
For more details of “Ocean Park Christmas Sensation” and “Gala of Lights”, please visit www.oceanpark.com.hk.