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Ocean Park Summer Splash 2013 Sets off a Wet and Wild Season Hong Kong’s First Indoor Fluorescent-themed Water Party Sparks Surreal Wet War Games Thrilling giant slide, world-class aerial dance show, extended closing time and more


Ocean Park will present Summer Splash 2013 from 29 June to 25 August to lead guests into a fun and entertaining world of wet and wild thrills, featuring Hong Kong’s first indoor fluorescent-themed water war game party for guests to cool off with friends in heated water battle. They can also relish the adrenalin rush of splashing down a giant water slide with a height equivalent to a three-storey building. Other exciting programmes include world-class aerial dance show where dancers will strut their gravity-defying moves high up on the wall of Polar Adventure. To enable visitors to make the most of Summer Splash, the Park will extend the closing hour to 10pm on all Saturdays and Sundays between 20 July and 25 August. Summer Night Admission Tickets will also be available at a discounted price*. 

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, “Ocean Park’s Summer Splash has become a landmark summer event in Hong Kong. One particular attraction I highly recommend is the water war game ‘Neon Splash!’, which will take place in the biggest indoor fluorescent water game venue in Hong Kong. Guests can also take an exhilarating ride on an 8-metre tall giant water slide. The gravity-defying Aerial Spectacular, a world-class aerial dance show, will feature a variety of stunning dance acts that will take everyone’s breath away. In addition, there are over 100 dance shows where dancers will cool off from the summer heat for guests by dancing to thumping beats. To cool down palates, we will also offer an attractive assortment of refreshing, healthy delicacies, some of which feature, for the first time, locally grown hydroponic vegetables. To provide more dining options to our diverse guests, we will introduce Halal items at the food kiosk in Aqua City. The menu will range from Beef Ball with Herb Tomato Sauce, Hainan Chicken Rice to Chicken Satay and Beef Satay. Meanwhile, in keeping with the fluorescent trend, we have designed a variety of fluorescent-themed fashion items and accessories for guests to brighten the summer season!”

This summer, Hong Kong’s first and only indoor fluorescent party will be launched with great fanfare in a massive battlefield site at the Waterfront Plaza. Neon Splash!, measuring more than 10,000 sq. ft., features a variety of thrilling themed areas that glow in mysterious darkness, with beams of fluorescent light shining in all directions, creating a feast for the eyes like no other. In this exceptional world of light, it is best to wear clothes that are white or light in colour, or even fluorescent clothes, as they shine more vividly in the dark. As they dance to the electrifying music, guests will eventually find themselves at the heart of a unique water war game party. They can pick up a water gun to wage a game battle with friends by first going through a laser tunnel and the magic dancing fountains before weaving through the chic UV bubble room. They will then enter an exciting wine party, with hidden water jets, followed by a slick black-lit maze, where a host of obstacles pose a fun challenge. All these wet, wild experiences are the surest way to cool off the summer heat.

The water fun, however, does not stop here. The Crazy Water Slide at Aqua Battle Zone, especially popular among young people, stands at 8 metres tall, which is approximately equivalent to a three-storey building. The surging water and the cool breeze at the top will send guests hurtling down the 28-metre-long slide. Guests of all ages can take part in Water War to shoot water bombs at pre-set targets amid a carnival-like atmosphere. A short distance away, an energetic troupe of dancers will put on the water dance performance “Summer Beats”, helping guests stay cool despite the scorching sun. There is also Drum Dancing Go Green, in which two dancers clad in Stone Age costumes will deliver a drum dancing show to spread messages about environmental conservation. 

Kids who love water will enjoy the Bubble Pop Party at Whiskers Harbour, where they can wade in foam under a canopy of rainbows and a brilliantly coloured sky. They can also have a blast at mini water gun area Splash Lite Arena, a watery toy land filled with water mist effects.

After having a wild, wet time, adults and kids can move up to the Summit for The Aerial Spectacular, which will open on 13 July. In this amazing musical comedy that takes place on the vertical walls of the Polar Adventure, eight world-class dancers will turn the three-dimensional space upside down by suspending themselves in the air and performing a series of awe-inspiring dance acts and stunts. Boasting a strong cast of aerial performers, the group features dancers who have toured with the world-famous Cirque du Soleil. 

Polar Adventure will also host Live Dance Xtreme, a battle dance programme whereby the presiding DJ will invite members of the audience to name one of two street dance teams as the winner. Meanwhile, Splash Mobs will hit the Summit and take guests by surprise with exciting street dance performances that will quickly energise the surrounding atmosphere. 

To highlight the fluorescent theme of Summer Splash 2013, Ocean Park has designed a vast collection of new products themed on water, fluorescent colours or Ocean Park’s mascots. Adults and kids will love fluorescent-orange or green T-shirts as well as tees with florescent-coloured graffiti patterns. There are also accessories such as hats, slippers, mugs and bags featuring Ocean Park’s mascots and colourful designs. Riding on the widespread success of the organic “We Love Green” cotton T-shirt launched recently, the Park will present the “I am organic” series, this time emblazoned with the words “To connect people with nature”, a message calling for the public to join the Park in helping protect and conserve the environment. Other summer items include the nifty handheld water-misting fan and lollipops featuring images of animal ambassadors.

This year also marks the first collaboration between Ocean Park and famous surf apparel brand Quiksilver/ Roxy. The product of their partnership is the stylish Ocean Park X Quiksilver/Roxy short-sleeve T-shirt, exclusively available at the Quiksilver/Roxy retail zone in Ocean Park. The zone is also the only spot in Hong Kong that retails a smart and unique collection of children’s clothes.

Summer Splash this year will open until late on certain days to enable the public to make the most of summertime. On all Saturdays and Sundays from 20 July to 25 August, the park will open until 10pm and visitors who arrive at or after 5pm can enter with a Summer Night Admission Ticket (adults: $160; children: $80). Each Night Ticket on 20, 21, 27 and 28 July comes with discount coupons worth HKD180 for in-park spending. The water games and regular programmes aside, night time guests will also be treated to the festive summer dance show “A Golden Summer Wedding” at Old Hong Kong.

*Holders of daytime tickets are entitled to stay in the park until the extended closing time. Nighttime tickets are available at Ocean Park ticket offices and 7-11 locations (29 June to 25 August). For details, please refer to the latest promotional information from Ocean Park.