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Ocean Park Summer Splash Doubles the Splash with Extended Hours and Newly-intensified Raging River Double High-diving Show and Kung Fu Panda 2-themed Water Play Special Nighttime Tickets Offer Extra Scheduling Flexibility for HK Residents


(23 June 2011, Hong Kong) This year’s Ocean Park Summer Splash, running from 1 July to 28 August, will double the splash with two drenching water rides up at the Summit and a show with world-class divers in fish costumes splashing down from twin platforms at the Waterfront. Guests can revel in being soaked twice by enjoying both the Raging River, newly intensified with extra water effects for maximum wetness, and the newly-opened Rapids, where spectating guests pour on the drenching fun. Ocean Park will also extend operating hours to 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 1 July to 11 September* so guests can take delight in the coolest attractions for a full 12 hours. Local guests can also benefit from specially-priced nighttime tickets** for enhanced scheduling flexibility.

Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Ocean Park, said, ―With many local guests and overseas tourists eager to visit our new Rainforest theme zone, we are delighted to extend our opening hours on select days so they can experience an immersive Amazon adventure deep into the night. Seeing how much our guests have enjoyed getting soaked from water guns and buckets during their Rapids raft ride, we are introducing new water effects, mists and water jets along the course of our much-loved Raging River ride specially for this summer. We are also bringing in world championship-calibre divers from twelve different countries to make a big splash. They will jump from almost triple the height of Olympic events, which gives them ample time to perform multiple stunts before hitting the water.

The Summit in Ocean Park will be Hong Kong’s water ride central this summer as it is home to both the Rapids, a new family ride in the recently opened Rainforest, and the ever-popular Raging River. At the Rapids, passengers share a 9-seat rubber raft as it spins and sprints along a rushing river surrounding the Rainforest. Even if passengers manage to stay dry from the spray, they still stand to be soaked from water guns and buckets operated by guests standing on the boardwalk overhead. Over at Raging River, guests can expect the unexpected as Ocean Park has specially added water effects, mists and water jets to ensure riders will be dripping wet before the big splash down the final plunge.

Adding to the summer fun is X-Players, a hip-hopped inspired show, with martial arts, gymnastics, and jaw-dropping bicycle stunts.
World-class splashes also await guests at the Waterfront as a troupe of international divers from twelve countries across four continents will be throwing a Summer Dive Party all summer long. Dressed in fish costumes, they will portray life in the ocean with a variety of eye-popping moves and stunts, including flips, somersaults, fire dives—diving while alit in flames—and more as they plunge from two towers into two pools stationed 28 metres below.

Younger guests looking for fun and foam would do well to visit the Kung Fu Panda 2 Wild Wet Zone, a water play area with water guns, a foamed party, dancing fountains, aquatic blasts and special water effects in a setting filled with characters from the latest animation blockbuster released by DreamWorks.
To offer guests more time to enjoy the Rainforest and all the other attractions during the summer, Ocean Park will extend its opening hours to 10 p.m. on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 1 July to 11 September.* Special nighttime tickets** (valid after 6 p.m.) priced at 40% discount from regular daytime ticket rates (adult/child: HK$150/75) will be available for purchase by Hong Kong residents, giving them extra scheduling flexibility during the summer holidays.

The Rainforest in Ocean Park is the first themed attraction in Southeast Asia that integrates a water ride with a walk-through rainforest exhibit, offering guest an edutaining exploration of biodiversity. As the Rainforest houses over 70 species of Amazon animal ambassadors, guests will be able to see how different animals stay cool during the summer. Lucky guests might be able to catch the Park’s pair of capybaras make a splash as they dip into their private pool underneath the Tree House and Expedition Trail for a refreshing soak.

Ocean Park has always been a favoured destination for guests looking to quench the summer heat because of its strong water elements, which were further strengthened with the opening of Aqua City. This is the first summer in which guests can experience the soothing underwater world inside the Grand Aquarium and take in Symbio!—a dynamic conservation story told in water. And with the extended hours, guests can enjoy their favourite dolphin show at the Ocean Theatre with the serene night sky as backdrop.

Dr. Zeman concluded, ―We have been fulfilling our role as Hong Kong’s people’s park by keeping our seasonal presentations refreshed and relevant for the community. The introduction of extended hours and nighttime tickets makes Ocean Park the perfect place to be this summer, day and night! So I encourage everyone to plan ahead for visits to Ocean Park during the summer to connect with nature at The Rainforest and enjoy all the coolest attractions in town.
* Extended hours are not available on: 16 & 23 July; 27 Aug; 9 & 10 Sep.

** Regular day-time ticket holders can stay in the Park until the extended closing time. Nighttime tickets are available for purchase by holders of the Hong Kong Identity Card. Please refer to the Park’s latest promotion materials for further details.

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