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Ocean Park Summer Splash Introduces Nostalgic Night Party at Old Hong Kong and a Brand-new Snorkeling Experience at Grand Aquarium!


 (25 July 2012 – Hong Kong) Ocean Park will host Summer Splash 2012 from now until 26 August to offer guests a chance to relive memories of the good old days at Old Hong Kong, and snorkel in the fascinating underwater world of the Grand Aquarium for the first time ever! To spice up this summer journey, heart-pounding shows including extravagant water dance and exotic rope-jumping performances will be served up, while wild characters from “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” will be partying with guests at a dedicated wet playground for kids. For the ultimate way to “chill” for the summer, guests can visit lovely animal ambassadors from the North Pole and South Pole at the Polar Adventure, which recently opened on 13 July.

Visit Ocean Park at Half the Price on Weekend Nights
This summer, Ocean Park will extend its opening hours to 10pm during weekends* from now till 26 August. Guests entering the Park after 5:30 p.m. can enjoy a ticket discount of close to 50%.  To thank the people of Hong Kong for their continued support of Ocean Park, further nighttime discounts will be available to nighttime guests this weekend (28 and 29 July). Upon presentation of valid HKID cards, guests can purchase nighttime admission tickets at $120 each for adults or $60 each for children. While all the daytime excitements will continue during the extended hours, a Retro Dance Party will also take place at Old Hong Kong to add to the summer evening fun.

For excitement seekers, head to Thrill Mountain, the most dynamic and high-energy themed area in Ocean Park. Guests can take a ride on the adrenaline-inducing floorless rollercoaster, which is the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in South East Asia. The summer night party will not be complete without a trip to Aqua City, where guests can enjoy the Symbio! show, a spectacular fire-on-water presentation at the lagoon, as well as a splendid feast at Neptune’s Restaurant inside the Grand Aquarium.

*Only available every Saturday and Sunday from now till 26 August. Summer night admission fee (Time: 5:30pm – 10:00pm): HK$150 Adult; HK$75 Child. 
** Retro Dance Party is only available on summer weekend nights. Show times: 4:00 p.m., 5:30 p.m., 6:45 p.m., 7:45 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

Novel Underwater Exploration at Grand Aquarium
Ocean Park has recently launched an all-new Grand Aquarium Exploration programme on 6 July*, allowing ocean-loving guests to enjoy a wonderful view of marine life up-close from beneath the sea surface. Accompanied by a qualified diver, participants can snorkel among colorful coral reefs and have a chance to see tropical marine species such as the Shy Butterflyfish, Painted Triggerfish, Blue-stripped Snapper as well as different types of fusilier and angelfish.

Through the spectacle of clear waters in the aquarium, guests can identify and learn about the characteristics of different reef fish in a truly unique experience, encompassing important lessons of marine conservation. A tour to the back-of-house coral facility is included so guests can learn how the Park maintains optimum living conditions for the corals, which would in turn inspire them to protect corals in the wild.

Besides, a Behind the Scenes tour is available at the Grand Aquarium for guests to find out how aquarists take care of the thousands of fish in the facility and prepare nourishing meals for them.

* Separate fees apply for the Grand Aquarium Exploration and Grand Aquarium Behind the Scenes tours. For details and advanced bookings, please visit:


Amazing Rope-jumping and Splashy Dance Shows by the rising stars
At the Summit Plaza, high-octane skippers from Hong Kong Rope Skipping Academy will make their debut performance in a theme park at Ocean Park this summer. Infusing precision rope jumping skills with dance elements, Jump to the Xtreme will surely bedazzle its guests!

Another astounding performance – The Rise of the Water Dancers – will be on stage at the Waterfront Plaza. Guests will be stunned by the splashy dance scenes by the young and talented dancers who will perform hip hop, funk and robot style moves in a uniquely wet and wild style.

Party with special guests from Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted
Splash about at the exclusive kids’ water playground Madagascar 3: Wild & Wet Zone at Whiskers Harbour, the first three-dimensional attraction in Hong Kong based on the popular movie animation. Guests can engage in a water gun battle with friends and families as the wettest party in town continues at the open water play area with dancing fountains, a foam party and lots of fabulous photo opportunities.

Also coming this sizzling summer is our new themed area Polar Adventure! Iconic polar friends such as 70 some penguins from three species will be greeting guests at the South Pole Spectacular, while pacific walruses, playful silvery spotted seals and chatty northern sea lions await guests at the North Pole Encounter. The new themed area also features the Arctic Blast roller coaster for excitement seekers of all age, and the Tuxedos Restaurant, which is the first in the world where guests could enjoy a sumptuous low-carbon feast while adorable penguins swim and frolic in front of you as you dine.

Stocked up with an amazing selection of exotic adventures and fun-filled entertainments, Ocean Park is bound to be the best place to escape the relentless heat this summer!

Photo 1 – Cool Summer Nights
Photo 1 – Cool Summer Nights
Photo 2 – Grand Aquarium Exploration
Photo 2 – Grand Aquarium Exploration
Photo 3 - Jump to the Xtreme at Waterfront Plaza
Photo 3 - Jump to the Xtreme at Waterfront Plaza
Photo 4 - The Rise of the Water Dancers at Summit Plaza
Photo 4 - The Rise of the Water Dancers at Summit Plaza
Photo 5 - Madagascar 3: Wild & Wet Zone at Whiskers Harbour
Photo 5 - Madagascar 3: Wild & Wet Zone at Whiskers Harbour