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Ocean Park to Offer an Innovative Interpretation of Classic Hong Kong Delicacies During 40th Anniversary Celebration


Ocean Park will be entering its 40th year with the people of Hong Kong in January next year and, to celebrate this notable occasion, the Park will indulge guests in some good old Hong Kong nostalgia by offering classic Hong Kong street food from the seventies, but with a modern twist. Available for a whole year beginning from 10 January 2017, guests can enjoy contemporary fusion cuisine with the “Rediscovering Classics” 40th Anniversary Set Menu as well as scrumptious à la carte items at some of the Park’s restaurants, which will bring guests an all-new sensation to their taste buds.  A limited edition Whiskers & Friends 40th Anniversary Jumbo Goblet, which comes with a snack set as a not-to-miss keepsake, will also be available at selected food kiosks.
Authentic Hong Kong Comfort Food with a Touch of Luxury
The Rediscovering Classics” 40th Anniversary Set Menu, available at Neptune’s Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant, starts off with Fried Chinese Thin Pancake with Smoked Hand Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce. This delectable dish combines a must-tick dim sum item with a good old-fashioned Western comfort food. It is decorated with a variety of colourful sauces such as black vinegar and  also a dressing made from red and yellow peppers that imitates Pokka dots – which were all the rage back in the seventies. Following the appetizer is Mock Shark’s Fin Soup with Poached Lobster.
Featuring traditional ingredients such as Chinese black mushrooms and dried black fungus, the Park’s chefs enhance this dish with the addition of sustainable poached Australian Lobster, underscoring the Park’s mission to drive marine conservation and turning this quintessential local street food into a tantalising gourmet treat.
For the main dish, guests can choose from two fusion options. The first is Braised Veal Cheek with Pan Fried Rice Rolls, which features a serving of succulent veal to elevate this local favourite to a savoury main. A delicate sauce incorporating mixed vegetables, tomatoes and white wine, brings out the flavor of the rice rolls. For a distinctly French touch, guests can also choose Confit Duck Leg with Braised Red Cabbage in Sweet and Sour Sauce. Submerged in duck oil and slow-cooked to ensure a crisp skin, the tender duck meat is perfectly complemented by the sweet and sour sauce, a timeless condiment used commonly in Canton cuisine.
Wrapping up this meal is a truly opulent and photogenic dessert platter featuring a trio of colourful tasty items. Cracker with Maltose and Vanilla Ice Cream takes guests back to childhood days with a thick golden syrup that tingles the taste buds, followed by the cooling taste of vanilla Häagen-Daz™ ice cream. The second item, Chinese Sweet Crispies with Truffle Honey, combines an everyday Hong Kong snack, Chinese Sweet Crispies (from Kee Wah Bakery) with a luxurious European truffle to create a chewy and delicious treat. The final item on this platter is the fragrant Osmanthus Agar Pudding with Gold Foil, a light, traditional Chinese dessert that offers a touch of glittering indulgence. The set menu also comes with the Black Cow Special Drink, a glass of ice-cold Coca-Cola with a scoop of rich chocolate Häagen-Dazs™ ice cream nestled on top, to complete the nostalgic and memorable dining experience.
A Beloved Hong Kong Afternoon Tea Dish with a Savoury Twist
Hong Kong-style French Toast is an iconic dish served at Cha Chaan Teng. To give this classic item an unexpected twist, the Park’s chefs have turned this timeless local delicacy into a savoury snack by filling it with sustainable Australian Lobster and Canadian Scallops, all mixed together in a thick cream sauce. This enticing creation – French Toast Stuffed Seafood in Cream Sauce with Truffle Honey – is served with an accompanying homemade truffle honey dipping sauce at Neptune’s Restaurant
All-New Classics On-the-Go
To complement the year-long celebration, guests can sample a range of à la carte items at some of the Park’s food and beverage outlets. In addition to selected items from the celebratory set menu and afternoon tea set, guests can also feast on the Braised E-Fu Noodles with Lobster at Café Ocean. Ocean Park’s master chefs have transformed this humble noodle into an extravagant must-try item. The noodles are lightly tossed in a lobster sauce and cooked in a lobster soup, which adds an extra layer of taste to the springy noodles. For a special touch, this dish is topped off with a whole lobster tail.
Another tempting item is the Scallion Roll with Pulled Pork in BBQ Sauce, which is available at the Panda Café. Tender hand-pulled pork drenched in BBQ sauce is nestled between piping-hot layers of ‘Chinese bread’, making this all-new take on a staple dim sum dish the ideal snack in between visiting the attractions.
To satisfy cravings for all things sweet, guests can try Baked Tapioca Pudding with Fig Fruit at the Aqua City Bakery. This nostalgic dessert combining fig, a juicy fruit that offers a variety of health benefits, with Tapioca Pudding – one of Hong Kong’s beloved baked confectionaries, is sure to be a refreshing treat after a fun-filled day at the Park.    
Scrumptious Snacks Served in a Limited-Edition Bowl-Soda Mug
An exclusive collectable, available only during its 40th Anniversary celebration, is the Park’s classic snack cup – Whiskers & Friends 40th Anniversary Jumbo Goblet, from selected food kiosks. This food and drink combination vessel holds food in the top section with a 40oz drink mug below. It can hold snacks such as Deep-fried Pork and Onion Skewer, Fried Chicken Drumstick and Wings or Fried Diced Chicken. Metallic-silver-coloured featuring illustrations of Ocean Park’s new mascots, this gigantic and limited edition bowl-soda mug is only available while stocks last.