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Public Debut of Ocean Park's Newest Animal Ambassador – Passion the Crocodile


Ocean Park’s newest animal ambassador, Passion, made her public debut today at her new home, Croco Land Presented by China Construction Bank (Asia). Situated at the main entrance of Ocean Park, this new attraction welcomes visitors with open gates, highlighting the Park’s dedication to conservation education.
Crocodiles are not indigenous to Hong Kong, and their presence in the wild could pose a threat to native species. The conservation information panel at Croco Land aims to educate visitors on practical actions they can take in their daily lives to protect animals and their habitats.

A significant number of visitors, including approximately 100 service users of The Salvation Army, had the opportunity to be the first to say hello to Passion. They learned about Passion’s background and the importance of preserving local biodiversity.

Ocean Park thoughtfully prepared crocodile souvenirs for visitors to commemorate their experience. Additionally, from now until 19 May 2024, visitors can partake in an "Eggcellent" experience at the Animal Discovery Fest. The event features an “eggs-traordinary” Easter egg hunt and a variety of animal-themed activities for everyone to enjoy.

Currently measuring 1.97m in length and weighing 38.5kg, Passion, a hybrid Siamese-Cuban crocodile, is estimated to be around four to five years old. Croco Land is designed to replicate the natural habitats of wild crocodiles in an open-air environment. It consists of land areas and temperature-controlled freshwater pools. The pools have deep and shallow water zones, with water temperature maintained at 20 to 30 degrees Celsius. Thermal lights ensure additional warmth for the crocodile in winter.

Through the sponsorship, China Construction Bank (Asia) aims to integrate ecological conservation into tourism, enhancing the travel experience for both mainland Chinese and overseas visitors in Hong Kong.

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