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Response to the Government’s support of the Water Park development


Ocean Park is delighted to have received support from the HKSAR Government in the form of a loan amounting to HK$2.3 billion to finance the development of a world-class water park, subject to the approval of the Finance Committee of Legislative Council.  As Hong Kong’s homegrown theme park, Ocean Park is extremely grateful for HKSAR Government’s continual support during our evolution into a landmark tourist destination.

To be located at the picturesque Tai Shue Wan, the all-weather water park will be able to accommodate a maximum of 15,000 visitors per day. This water park will be an architectural icon in Hong Kong, as it will feature a translucent and sweeping roof, along with first class facilities and services.  The water park will have state-of-the-art water rides, a variety of attractions, as well as unique and innovative experiences for locals and guests from around the world. It is expected to be opened to the public in the 2nd half of 2017.

Countless memories and precious moments of the Hong Kong community were previously intertwined with Ocean Park’s original Water World for years. Now, the people of Hong Kong can eagerly anticipate the return of a place that they have missed so dearly, and will have a chance to create future lasting and fond memories very soon.

Building on our legacy of offering the world’s best theme park experience, which was recently validated by the presentation of the Liseberg Applause Award, Ocean Park will continue to be focused on education, conservation, and entertainment. The new water park will be conscientiously designed with environmental sensitivities and will integrate effective educational, as well as conservation oriented components in its family entertainment offerings.

The proposed construction of an all-season water park together with a complementary retail, dining and entertainment area will diversify and strengthen Ocean Park’s position as a top-tier tourism destination in the region.  As a multi-park offering, Ocean Park will be able to encourage longer lengths of stay amongst visitors both in the Park and in Hong Kong, thereby elevating the destination market presence locally and throughout the region. As the only local water park, this development will cater to the needs and demands for such services from the local market, as well as offer the depth of tourism infrastructure that continues to make Hong Kong a desired destination. This development is projected to contribute significantly to the local economy and drastically stimulate industry growth – it is estimated to create 2,900 jobs, as well as generate HK$842 million in tourism growth, for the local economy by 2018.