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Visit Ocean Park in the Evening and Enjoy Unique Dining at HK’s First and Only Aquarium Restaurant with Aqua City Gourmet Pass


(Hong Kong – 22 March 2011) As Hong Kong’s first and only aquarium restaurant, Neptune’s Restaurant at Ocean Park is loved by tourists and lovers of gastronomy since its grand opening in January this year.  Not only do guests get to savour a wide range of international cuisines and enjoy five-star unique dining services, they can also dine in front of the spectacular 13-meter width giant viewing panel that offers unparalleled view of the marine stars at the Grand Aquarium. To thank our guests for their support, Neptune’s Restaurant will introduce Aqua City Gourmet Pass starting 25 March, which includes evening admission and a 4-course dinner at the Restaurant.

Holders of the Aqua City Gourmet Pass can enter Ocean Park after 6:00pm. Make the most of this special pass by visiting our exciting thrill rides, the new Grand Aquarium, panda exhibit, and experience the unique nighttime water, fire and special effects show, Symbio!, before heading to Neptune’s Restaurant for a gastronomic treat.

The adult pass costs HK$550, which includes a four-course adult menu with a selection of appetizer, main course, dessert and coffee / tea, whereas the pass for child costs HK$280 with a selection of soup and kids’ meal set.  For environmentally conscious seafood lovers, they can pay an additional HK$100 for a selection of sustainable seafood dishes.  What’s more? You also pay less to park your car at only HK$50 per vehicle (for check-in after 6:00pm).  Our loyal SmartFun Annual Pass holders can even enjoy a 10% discount on this Aqua City Gourmet Pass.

For enquiries, please call Neptune’s Restaurant at 3923 2268 (prior reservation for dinner is required).