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Visit Ocean Park with Senior Family Members to Enjoy Fabulous In-park Discounts Multiple Catering and Shopping Concessions with Highest Saving Up to 50%


Since the opening of the MTR South Island Line (SIL) in December 2016,  Ocean Park has observed an increasing momentum of both local residents and tourists paying visits to Ocean Park via the SIL. According to the Park’s data, there has been a surge of more than 60% influx of local senior citizens aged 65 or above in the past 6 months. It is believed that the convenience brought by SIL, the entitlement of MTR concessionary fare of HK$2 and the free admission offered by the Park have all contributed to the increased attendance of the elderly.
To extend our appreciation to senior citizens and encourage care for our senior family members, Ocean Park is pleased to exclusively offer an array of in-park discounts for senior citizens starting from 23 July till 31 December 2017. Fabulous offers range from catering to shopping fun which senior citizens can share with family members and enjoy up to 50% discounts.
During the promotion period, not only can local senior citizens aged 65 or above be admitted for free, but also receive a set of the following 8 discount coupons:
  1. Buy one get one FREE at Old Hong Kong food kiosks
  2. Buy HK$50 get one more FREE game of HK$50 equivalent at skill game booths
  3. 50% off for bottled water at any food kiosk*
  4. 20% off at Neptune’s  Restaurant and Tuxedos Restaurant upon spending HK$200 or above
  5. 20% off at Panda café
  6. 20% off for plush toys at souvenir shops
  7. 15% off for any purchase of spending over HK$500 or above at souvenir shops
  8. 10% off for any purchase of spending over HK$200 or above at image galleries
*Water fountains are available in the Park and guests are most encouraged to bring their own bottles to help save the environment.