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“World Oceans Day - Ocean Park Fun Day” Close to 300 Fishermen and Families Enjoy a Day at Ocean Park and Learn about Ocean Protection Workshops Opened to Park Guest to Promote Ocean Conservation


The lives of fishermen are closely related to the ocean. In support of the “World Oceans Day”, established by the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development General Assembly, Ocean Park invited close to 300 fishermen and their families to participate in today’s “World Oceans Day – Ocean Park Fun Day”. A series of free seminars, green workshops and exhibitions have been specially arranged for them at the Park  to deepen their understanding about the ocean which their living has been dependent on, and to learn about the relationship between everyday life and the ocean. Through this event, Ocean Park hopes to encourage the fishermen to do their part in helping to clean and protect the ocean through everyday actions. In addition, the Park also opened up the green workshops and exhibitions to other Park guests to raise public awareness on the importance of marine conservation.