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Terms & Conditions of SmartFun Annual Pass

Terms & Conditions of Application

  1. Complete the application in BLOCK LETTERS.
  2. Student Pass applicant must be a full-time student of Primary and Secondary School, Post Secondary or Higher Education aged 12 or above.
  3. In applying for SmartFun Student Pass, please present a valid Student Identity Card or Student Handbook for verification. For application by mail, please attach a photo together with a copy of the aforesaid identification.
  4. Child Pass applicant must be aged 3-11 and endorsement by parents or guardian is required.
  5. We will take all practicable steps to destroy your personal data within a reasonable period of time that is six months from the expiry date of the Pass. However, where you consent or do not object to the use of your personal data in direct marketing, we may continue to retain and use your personal data (primarily your name and contact details) in direct marketing products, services, activities and other subjects to you until you opt out from direct marketing at any time.
  6. Ocean Park may use your Marital Status and Gender data for research purpose.
  7. In case you choose not to supply any of the mandatory personal data required in this Application Form, Ocean Park reserves the right not to process your application. In any event, the acceptance of an application for a Pass is subject to Ocean Park's final decision. Ocean Park may at its sole and absolute discretion approve or decline any such application.
  8. Completed application form may be returned in person or by mail to “SmartFun Annual Pass” Ticketing Office, Ocean Park, Aberdeen, Hong Kong.
  9. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or credit card. Please allow 3 bank working days for cheque clearance. Applicant may enter the Park only after cheque clearance.
  10. If you do not receive the Pass after 3 weeks, please call the“SmartFun Annual Pass” hotline at (852) 3923 2222 for inquiry.

Terms and Conditions for New SmartFun Membership

  1. Premium Pass Holders can enjoy unlimited admission to Ocean Park during its operating hours throughout the one-year validity period.
  2. Gold Pass Holders can enjoy unlimited admission to Ocean Park during its operating hours throughout the one-year validity period, except for the blockout dates#.
  3. Sliver Pass Holders can enjoy unlimited admission to Ocean Park during its operating hours throughout the one-year validity period, except for Saturdays, Sundays, Public Holidays and the blockout dates#.
  4. Adult Pass: For applicants aged 12 or above.
  5. Child Pass: For applicants aged 3 to 11 (The Pass holder must be accompanied by a person aged 15 or above).
  6. Student Pass: For full time students of Primary and Secondary Schools, Post-Secondary or Higher Education aged 12 or above.
  7. Pass owner must present this Pass for admission; otherwise, Ocean Park can refuse him/her entrance to the Park. In the event of dispute, the decision of Ocean Park will be final.
  8. Applicants who have not collected their Annual Pass upon the visit have to proceed to the SmartFun Annual Pass Ticketing Office for pass collection. 
  9. Applicants using the “Temporary Pass” for admission to Ocean Park have to present the Temporary Pass and Identity Card to our staff upon admission.
  10. The Pass is valid for one year from the issue date of the Pass.
  11. Around 10 days are required to process applications by mail. Passes are valid for one year from the application approval date.
  12. The Pass is not valid for charter events, wedding banquets and other paid events or facilities in the park.
  13. The SmartFun Pass is non-transferable and Ocean Park reserves the right to check the pass holder’s Identity Card or identification document for verification purposes. Ocean Park reserves the right to confiscate the Pass if this rule is violated.
  14. HK$50 per pass will be charged for replacement of any lost or damaged passes. Proof of loss is required for the replacement of a new pass. Accepted evidence includes a loss report from the Hong Kong Police.
  15. In the event your Pass is lost, please report to Ocean Park immediately.
  16. The payment for the Pass is non-refundable, and Ocean Park reserves the right to terminate the validity of a Pass at any time and a refund of the full original price may be applied to the Pass holder. However, if a Pass holder is in violation of Condition 17 below, the Pass will be terminated without any refund.
  17. All guests must comply with Ocean Park bylaws, safety rules, and the Park’s Rules and Regulations which are available at the entrances and/or other appropriate locations throughout Ocean Park.
#Blockout dates are listed as follow (Period: 1/4/2020 - 30/9/2021​​)

Gold Pass Members:
2020: 20-31/12
2021: 12-19/2

Silver Pass Members: 
2020: 14/8, 21/8, 28/8, 21-24/12, 28-31/12
2021: 16-19/2, 13/8, 20/8, 27/8
And all Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays

The above dates (date/month) are subject to change without prior notice.