Ocean Park Hong Kong
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Convert an Ocean Park Daytime Admission Ticket to a SumFUN Entry Pass

Now you can upgrade to a SumFUN Entry Pass by paying the designated amount below on the day you visit the park with your designated day ticket! You can re-enter the park as many times as you like until 30 September 2021*, so why not relax and take full advantage of all the fun to be had in the park!

* Unlimited access to Ocean Park during its operating hours throughout the designated validity period of the SumFUN Entry Pass (purchase date to 30 September 2021).

Ticket types eligible for this promotion

Designated amount paid for SumFUN Entry Pass Conversion




Summer Package




Hong Kong Ocean Park standard admission ticket-10% discount




Other applicable ticket types and the designated amount paid

Please contact the Ocean Park Ticketing Office/ Guest Relations

Terms and Conditions

Ticket Conversion to SumFUN Entry Pass Terms and Conditions

  1. The Ocean Park SumFUN Entry Pass is only available to Hong Kong residents.
  2. The amount to be paid or free upgrade offer for ticket conversion will vary according to the type of daytime admission ticket purchased.
  3. The Summer Package Ticket refers to discount tickets purchased between 21 June and 24 August 2021 (adult: HK$360, child: HK$195).
  4. SumFUN Entry Pass Ticket Conversion is applicable to Summer Package and Hong Kong Ocean Park standard admission tickets – 10% discount. It is also applicable to the following designated daytime admission tickets: regular price tickets; specific promotional tickets or package tickets purchased through the Ocean Park Ticketing Office, Ocean Park's official website, 7-Eleven stores, WeChat Mini Program or Hong Kong Tourism Board platform; and specific regular price daytime admission tickets purchased through Ocean Park's official ticket distributors, such as travel agencies and ticketing platforms. For enquiries about applicable ticket types and amount paid for SumFUN Entry Pass conversion, please contact the Ocean Park Ticketing Office/ Guest Relations Office. 
  5. If the price of the SumFUN Entry Pass is lower than that of the daytime admission ticket to be converted, no refund will be issued for the price difference.
  6. With the exception of ticket types listed in point 5, i.e. Summer Package, Hong Kong Ocean Park standard admission ticket – 10% discount, and designated day tickets, this conversion does not apply to any other promotional package tickets, group tickets, Social Care tickets or complimentary tickets.
  7. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional offers. 
  8. Each guest must present his/her own valid daytime admission ticket for SumFUN Entry Pass conversion on the same day at the Pass Collection Office, on the right of the exit to the park during office hours.
  9. In the case of any dispute, the decision of Ocean Park Corporation shall be final and binding.