Ocean Park Hong Kong

World Environment Day & World Oceans Day

June 5th is… World Environment Day!

World Environment Day (WED) is one of the biggest, most widely celebrated days for environmental protection. Commemorated on June 5th since 1972, WED is one of the principal vehicles through which the UN stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and encourages attention and action.

Ocean Park supports WED again this year and “Hong Kong Green Day (HKGD)” organized by Green Council which made Hong Kong celebrated WED in its own special Green way! The objective of this event is to establish and strengthen public’s awareness on environmental protection and sustainable lifestyles. HKGD has inspired people to wear green-orientated clothing and/or accessories, as well as to implement creative initiatives and activities supporting the event. A series of events were held throughout June to carry on the spirit of HKGD, and Ocean Park promoted the event in entertainment shows and education programs. Moreover, Hong Kong Green Day posters, video clips, and tip board messages were featured around the Park. All these initiatives served to engage everyone in this meaningful event.

One of the signature events of HKGD - “Green Hunt @ Ocean Park” was held on June 27th in Ocean Park, participated by one hundred university students and members of Hong Kong Physically Handicapped and Able-Bodied Association. The participants were set out to hunt for information from the environmental protection and conservation messages in the Park’s iconic attractions to answer a series of well-designed questions. The event ended with the Prize Presentation Ceremony cum Hong Kong Green Day Closing Ceremony. The winning teams were awarded with the Park’s tickets and the Champion team was treated to a low-carbon lunch in Ocean Park Tuxedos Restaurant.

June 8th - World Oceans Day!

Let’s celebrate and care for the oceans with people around the world! The oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface and our survival depends on them being healthy. Sadly, the oceans are polluted by lots of rubbish which badly affect marine life.

To encourage our guests to care for the oceans, a series of activities was held from June 6th to 8th. We invited 6,000 visitors to use around 10,000 recycled bottle caps to complete a 5 m x 2 m-sized artwork, “CAPturing Our Future the Ocean”; we also invited more than 4,400 visitors to make a pledge to protect the oceans by reducing the use of disposable plastic; we held a Fun Day & Talk for 300 local fishermen and families; and we defeated the Marine Debris Monster with the help of more than 3,000 visitors at the Blue Heroes Game Booth.