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Sustainable Seafood

To contribute to the sustainability of marine life, Ocean Park removed shark fin from the menus way back in 1995 and start offering sustainable seafood dishes since 2009. The Park continued the efforts in further promoting the consumption of environmentally responsible seafood products by establishing the corporate Sustainable Seafood Policy in June 2015, and use only sustainably sourced seafood in all our food outlets. Furthermore, the Park reinvented the all-time favourite local street snacks by sourcing fish balls and fish dumplings made from fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

Low carbon menu

Ocean Park starts providing low carbon menu in Tuxedos Restaurant, located in Summit, from 2012. Being the world’s first theme park restaurant to offer low-carbon menu options, ingredients are sourced from local and mainland suppliers with low-carbon and/or organic certification. The dishes are designed in accordance with the six principles of a low-carbon diet advocated by the Government which include local、 organic、 vegetarian、 energy saving、 reduce, reuse & recycle and seasonal. Not only did the restaurant takes exceptional care in sourcing ingredients and choosing suppliers but also in cooking method. Ocean Park makes effort in different aspects to raise awareness of the importance of a low-carbon lifestyle in order to help slowing down global climate change and conserving wildlife and habitats.