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Enjoy Learning in Nature!

Redd's Activity Education Kit

With just a click, you can continue to explore with your children after watching Redd's Nature Play Party videos! Download the resource pack and play it with your kids to teach them more about the animals !


Activity Game Kit

DIY "Christmas Bird" Card

Palm Painting of Birds


Whiskers & Friends

Art & Crafts Workshop

The Agile Redd


Activity Game Kit

The Rainforest Little Helper - Draw Something from the Rainforest

The Grand Aquarium

Napoleon Fish Color Painting

Manta Ray Book Jacket

Activity Game Kit

Hi Mr Manta Ray, Could I Borrow Your Gill Rakers?

Shark, Do You Feel Tired?

Are You a Boy or a Girl?


Expedition into the Sea - Marine World Charades

Little Meerkat and Giant Tortoise Adventure

Art & Crafts Workshop

Little Meerkat Finger Puppet

Activity Game Kit

Men vs Giant Tortoises

The Contribution of Giant Tortoise

Meerkats' Smell Challenge


Secrets of Meerkats


Art and Crafts Workshop

Fluffy Red Whiskered Bulbul

Activity Game Kit

See My Bird Neighbours


Asian Koel

Red Whiskered Bulbul


Spotted Dove

Red Panda

Art and Crafts Workshop

Crafting to save the earth – the Red Panda mask

Spotted Seal

Art and Crafts Workshop

Make an Adorable Spotted Seal

Activity Game Kit

Exercise Like a Seal


Art & Crafts Workshop

Hide and Seek with Walrus

Activity Game Kit

The Walrus’s Body

What’s Heavier?

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Art & Crafts Workshop

The Life of Red-eyed Tree Frogs

Activity Game Kit

Life Cycle of a Frog

Frog Paper Quilling Craft


Art & Crafts Workshop

Penguin Paper Model

Activity Game Kit

How Do Penguins Sleep?

Hear the Penguins' Voices


(For game use) Remix of Penguins' Voices

Gentoo Penguins' Voices

King Penguins' Voices

Southern Rockhopper Penguins' Voices

Penguin Baby Matching Game


How Do Penguins Stay Warm?

Hide and Seek with Animals

Green Turtle

Art & Crafts Workshop

Green Turtle Plate Painting

Conservation Chill Club Animal Hat

Activity Game Kit

Line of Green Turtle

Experiment with Buoyancy

Color Your Green Turtle



Art & Crafts Workshop

Capybara Playing Hide and Seek

Activity Game Kit

Adventures in Chess Land

Opposites Hunt Bingo

Explorer R - Interactive Learn & Play Zoom


Storytime: Ninja in Nature (for children aged 2 - 3)

Detective Challenge (for children aged 4 - 5)