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Summer Kayak Eco-Tour

24.07.2023 - 22.08.2023 (Programme has ended. Thank you for your support!)

In collaboration with HKPA, Ocean Park launches a Summer Kayak Eco-Tour that promises to be an unforgettable adventure for all nature enthusiasts. We'll take you on an unforgettable five-hour journey filled with adventure, education, and relaxation in the water.

Your kayaking adventure starts at Tai Shue Wan Pier in Ocean Park, where you'll learn basic kayaking skills. Look at the magnificent sea caves up close, explore the wonderful geographical features of the sandbar between Yuk Kwai Shan and Ap Lei Pai, and enjoy the breath-taking landscape of Island South's shoreline and Lamma Island from the sea. ​

Our certified eco-guide will explain the landscape formation of the Island South and introduce the kinds of sea animals living in Hong Kong. Moreover, the impact of marine debris on sea animals will be introduced. Through this adventure, you can learn how to make a positive impact on conservation efforts. This exploratory and educational day can be topped up with exciting water games with family and friends! Memorable experiences await! 

Join us on this unique and exciting adventure and create remarkable memories with your loved ones while making a positive impact on the environment! 

    Programme Content

    • Professional kayak coach teaching basic kayaking skills and water safety. 
    • Use tandem sit-on-top kayaks to visit the different spots of the Southern Coast from Ocean Park Tai Shue Wan Pier. 
    • Observe the natural sea caves up close.​
    • Experience the thrill of exciting water games and boost participants' confidence.
    • Visit the sandbar between Yuk Kwai Shan and Ap Lei Pai to learn about marine conservation.​
    • Discover the landscape formations of the southern coast and local sea animals through the certified eco-guide's​ explanations. 
    • Encourage participants to follow the "Leave No Trace" principles, thus increase their sense of responsibility towards marine life. 

    Programme fee

    Programme fee per person* HK$750
    * Same for adults and children, require registration for 2 persons to participate. Before enrolment, please read the "Terms and Conditions".