Ocean Park Hong Kong

Neon Zone: Ground Zero

Neon Zone: Ground Zero

Location: Area Near Thrill Mountain | The Summit
Time: 1:00pm - 12:00am
Transcend time and space to a mysterious cyber-city full of futuristic architecture and high-tech danger! Get ready to defend the city against an invasion!

Halloween Game House



Location: Next to Hair Raiser | Thrill Mountain | The Summit

You've been drafted into the Laser Rangers to fight the invaders! Take up a laser gun and join an interactive high-tech cyber battle against the galaxy's deadliest enemies and teams of other recruits! Try to become the Universe's MVP!

Shows in the Zone
Galaxy Candy Adventure

Bring the whole family to witness the sweetest alien encounter ever! Welcome handsome aliens from a candy planet and cheer them on as they meet with cute pumpkin girls from Earth! Enjoy their happy dance as you take part in their joy and partake in their candy!
21-22, 28-29 September; 1, 5-7, 12-13 October; 2-3 November 2019
Chartered Corporate Events
Haunted attractions and shows are open to invited corporate guests only.
General visitors are welcome to take photos with Halloween characters and decorations.
4, 11, 18-20, 24-27, 31 October 2019
Haunted attractions and shows are open to the general public.