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Pygmy Marmoset

Pygmy Marmoset
Scientific Name

Cebuella pygmaea

Other Common Name(s)
Dwarf Monkey
Body Length

Body: 12-15 cm
Tail: 17-23 cm

Body Weight

85-140 g

Forests in Upper Amazon, including Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador
Fun Facts

Fun Facts

  • Pygmy marmosets are the smallest monkeys. Their body size allows them to stay on slender tree branches. These agile marmosets can leap up to 5m.

  • Pygmy marmosets live in small groups with 2 to 6 members. They adopt various forms of communication including facial expressions, postures, vocalisations and scents.

Threats & Conservation

IUCN Red List: Vulnerable
IUCN Red List: Vulnerable
CITES: Appendix II
CITES: Appendix II

Hunting, the pet trade and habitat loss may harm pygmy marmosets. International trade was a major threat and all commercial trade was prohibited by CITES in the late 1970s.

Do not buy pygmy marmosets as pets!

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