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Low-Carbon Lifestyle

High Consumption, High Emission

Greenhouse gases are nature's blanket, which it uses to regulate the climate. As we burn fuel for electricity, heat and motion, the huge amount of greenhouse gases released gives rise to climate change. Shifts in temperature, precipitation and evaporation are threatening humans and other living things from the tropics to the poles. The solution for climate change lies in our choices. Let us explore green ideas for a low-carbon lifestyle!

In Our Wardrobes

In Our Wardrobes

From fibres to fabrics and garments, energy is required during all these production processes. It is also involved in maintaining clothes. What can we do to keep a low-carbon wardrobe?

  • Buy clothes that we need and that fit.
  • Choose natural fibres such as cotton and silk. Organic cotton is even better as it does not depend on chemical fertilisers and pesticides.
  • Follow care labels to keep our clothes durable.
  • Use laundry powder that is made from natural ingredients.
  • Operate the washing machine with a full load.
  • Use the sun as a dryer. It is free of electricity usage and friendly on fabrics.
  • Donate unwanted clothes to charities.
  • Turn worn-out garments into rags and mats.
On Our Plates

On Our Plates

From the time it grows to the moment it enters our mouth, food accounts for 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. How can we become low-carbon gourmets?

  • Buy local food products to save the energy spent in transportation and preservation.
  • Choose organic and seasonal food to reduce the use of fertilisers, pesticides, and the energy required in greenhouses.
  • Select natural products with less processing and packaging.
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits. Meat production involves a lot of animal feed, with lamb and beef generating the most greenhouse gases.
  • Prepare a suitable amount of food for each meal.
  • Cook with simple methods.
In Our Homes and Offices

In Our Homes and Offices

To improve hygiene and comfort, we use many kinds of products and these involve high energy consumption. How can we enhance our health and environment by using less energy?

  • Good habits such as balanced diet, adequate sleep, regular exercise and a light heart are the ultimate keys to health and beauty.
  • Select soap and detergent made from natural ingredients.
  • Open the windows. Make good use of sunlight and air circulation.
  • By following energy labels, choose appliances with higher energy efficiency.
  • Switch off appliances that are unused or in standby mode.
  • Apart from paper, plastics and metals, electronic equipment can also be recycled.
  • To offset our carbon emissions, reuse containers as flower pots and greening features.
On Our Travel

On Our Travel

Hong Kong has a well-developed transport system. How can we make a low-carbon journey?

  • Choose mass public transport such as trains and buses.
  • For shorter distances, enjoy a walk or ride a bicycle. It is not only free from emissions, but also a healthy practice for us.
  • If you must drive, select environment-friendly petrol cars and use biodiesel.
  • Turn off the engine of idle vehicles.
  • If you have to use air transport, take a direct flight or trains if possible.

Think Twice, Choose Wise

With little changes in our lives, we can make a great impact on the world. A low-carbon lifestyle reduces greenhouse gases and saves resources. It lowers our exposure to chemicals and pollution. For a healthy planet and a healthy life, adopt this sustainable lifestyle and think twice before consumption. Take only what we need. Make a better choice.