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Golden Birdwing

Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club
Chinese Name: 金裳鳳蝶
English Name: Golden Birdwing
Distribution: Widely distributed in Hong Kong woodland and urban area
Commonly Seen Period: April to October
Food Plant: India Birthwort
Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club
What is Golden Birdwing?
The golden birdwing belongs to the genus Troides of the Papilionidae (swallowtail) family. Swallowtail butterflies are generally larger than other butterflies. The golden birdwing has red spots on its head and thorax, black forewings, and golden yellow hindwings with black veins. The difference between male and female is that the male has no sub-marginal spots on its hindwing; the female has a row of black triangular spots in its hindwing.

Golden Birdwing and Hong Kong:
The golden birdwing is the largest butterfly in Hong Kong, with a wingspan ranging from 9 to 16 cm. It looks like a small bird from a distance, which is why it is called "birdwing". It is also the only insect which is under protection by law in Hong Kong.
Threats and Conservation Status:
The golden birdwing is the largest among the 250 species of butterflies in Hong Kong. It looks like a small bird with black and yellow accented wings. Their eye-catching appearance has made them vulnerable to poaching. Therefore, golden birdwing and other common birdwings are protected by international treaty and laws of Hong Kong. The capturing, trading, importing and exporting of specimens are prohibited. The host plant of its larvae, India birthwort, is also protected under Forestry Regulations to ensure the sustainability of the golden birdwing. Similar to many butterflies, the distribution of the golden birdwing is highly restricted by the distribution of plants. However, it can still be found in urban parks with an abundance of nectar plants.
Ocean Park and Golden Birdwing Conservation:
Ocean Park is located next to Brick Hill with high biodiversity value, where many animals and plants can be found. There are observation and breeding records of golden birdwing in-park. The Park has built a butterfly-friendly garden by planting host and nectar plants to enhance biodiversity and to raise visitors' awareness of butterfly conservation. In 2020, Ocean Park will organise the "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity" and invite secondary schools to participate in butterfly conservation activities, such as conservation talks, planting workshops and eco-tours. Schools are also invited to plant nectar plants, build butterfly-friendly and biodiversity gardens in their facilities.

Let's Protect Golden Birdwing
Hong Kong's country parks are home to the golden birdwing. Let's take our trash away and "leave no trace", keeping a clean and litter-free home for the golden birdwing.