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Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity

Through participating in the activities of "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity", students will gain a deeper understanding and valuable experience on conservation work regarding Hong Kong's biodiversity conservation. The activities will cultivate students' interest in conservation and inspire them to participate in front-line conservation work. "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity" is hereby established and all secondary schools in Hong Kong are warmly invited to participate. Participating schools will have the opportunities to join exclusive conservation activities and seminars organised by Ocean Park. Through insightful teaching and sharing from professionals, students will engage in Hong Kong's front-line conservation work and hence contribute to local conservation efforts. This programme is supported by the Tourism Commission. Field visits are implemented by Outdoor Discovery (License No. : 352928).

  • Participate in conservation work firsthand
  • Raise students' awareness of Hong Kong's ecological conservation
  • Join sharing sessions by experts on topics related to Hong Kong's ecology and conservation


Each secondary school can choose from one of the following themes:

  • Butterfly friendly garden: Grow nectar plants and build butterfly garden in school
  • Green Turtle Rehabilitation: Grow vegetables for injured green turtles recovering at Ocean Park and feed them firsthand after harvesting
  • Artificial intelligence and coral restoration: Integrate coral census data to build an artificial intelligence (AI) coral identification system and improve its accuracy


Date Activity
26 September & 10 October 2020 "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity" Briefing Session
October 2020 "Ocean Park Conservation Chill Club Student Activity" Inauguration Ceremony
November - December 2020 Conservation Workshops & Seminars
December 2020 – March 2021 Monthly Progress Follow-up for Each School
April 2021 Showcase Results at Conservation Carnival

Application Details:

Open for online application starting from 1 September 2020.