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17.04.2021 - 30.05.2021

Ocean Park collaborates with local floristry brand GINGERMITE, to present a butterfly-themed floral installation, Floraland, this spring.  Floraland featuring over 50 species of plant groups with their professional techniques in floral arrangements. The installation integrated with the natural environment of the Park, the seasonal floral haven ensures magnificent colourful photo moments for visitors to enjoy. In addition to the visual enjoyment, the aromatic flowers and plants will stimulate your olfactory senses and attract butterflies to visit, immerse yourself in the beauty of nature! 


Theme of Island A - Immortelle

Language of flowers: 「Eternal Memories」

Immortelles, also known as “everlastings”, refer to flowering plants that can preserve their colour and form when dried. Some of the species belong to the genus Helichrysum, which are shrubs blooming under the bright sun in Africa and the eastern part of the Mediterranean. The clusters of small, bright yellow flowers are dry and papery. They are popular choices for making dry flower arrangements.
Other species included: Common broom, Strawflower, Calla lily, Gold coast juniper, Parallel peperomia, Spanish moss, Ivy.


Theme of Island B – Rose

Language of flowers: 「Love 」「Passion」「Crazy In Love」

Roses are a group of perennial flowering plants in the family Rosaceae. There are over 300 species of roses and many more cultivars. They can be shrubs, climbers or miniature plants, with stems that are armed with sharp prickles. The flowers vary in shape and are usually large and showy, in colours ranging from white through yellows and reds. They are often fragrant. Most rose species are native to Asia, while some are native to Europe, North America, and north-western Africa. Roses have acquired cultural significance in many societies since ancient times. Most species hybridise easily, and this has been used in generating the wide varieties of colours and fragrances.

Other species included: Hydrangea, Multiflora rose, Chinese rose, Mock Lime, Ivy.


Theme of Island C – Lavender

Language of flowers: 「Breathe hard」「Miracle」「Romantic」「Meet Love Again」

Lavender are flowering shrubs in the family Lamiaceae, originating in southern Europe, North Africa and south-western Asia. They are tolerant to hot and dry climate. The plants were used for bathing and washing clothes during the Roman Era. That is why the Latin word “lavare”, which means "to wash", was used to name these plants. The fragrance of lavender has a calming effect on the spirit, so the plants are commonly used for relaxation, aromatherapy and perfumes.

Other species included: Peppermint, Changeable-Rose-mallow, Masquerade pepper, Foetid Eryngo, Rosemary, Cuban Oregano.


Theme of Island D – Cape Jasmine

Language of flowers: 「Forever Love」「A lifetime of waiting」「Joyful」

Cape jasmine is an evergreen flowering plant of the family Rubiaceae. It originated in east and south Asia, and is also commonly found in Australasia. Cape jasmine can grow up to 3 m high and have leaves with slightly waxy surface. With its glossy green leaves and very fragrant white flowers, it is widely used in gardens and attracts pollinators. The fruit also attract birds and other wildlife.

Other species included: Pearl Acacia, Bamboo palm , Wrightia.


Theme of Island E – Brazil Bougainvillea

Language of flowers: 「Passion」「Hopeful」「Persistence」「Never Give Up」

Brazil bougainvillea is a climbing vine that supports itself on other plants or structures with its curved thorns and twining stems. It is native to Brazil and introduced to other tropical and warm temperate regions around the globe. The white flowers are tiny and in clusters of three, with purple-red bracts around them. These bracts look like petals, but they are in fact modified leaves. They make the plant not only more attractive to humans, but also to pollinators.

Other species included: Kalanchoe, Rhododendron.


Theme of Island F – Sage

Language of flowers: 「Perseverance On Ambition」「Love Family」

Sage are a group of plants in the genus Salvia, from the family Lamiacea. The group consists of over 900 species, many of which have been traditionally used as medicine and some as cooking herbs. Therefore, the plants were named “Salvia”, which means “good health” or “to save”. The plants usually have aromatic leaves. The flowers grow in upright spikes and may attract bees and butterflies.

Other species included: Blue butterfly bush, Hydrangea, Weeping forsythia.

Remarks: Varieties of flowers will be changed due to weather or seasonal factors from time to time without prior notice.