Water World
Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

Temple of Sorrow


Temple of Sorrow

Location: Area Near Raging River | Adventure Land | The Summit
Time: 5:00pm - 11:00pm
Only the secret brotherhood knows what disturbing things happen within their secretive rituals. Keep your eyes and ears open for mysterious symbols and ominous messages along the long escalators carrying you to their compound and try to uncover their meaning. Will you be chosen to unveil their sinister secrets?
Haunted House

H19: Cult

Location: Next to Raging River | Adventure Land | The Summit
Time: Open at 4pm

Enter the temple and watch as an evil summoning ritual unfolds! A bloody hunt begins when the evil demons break free. Pray you are not their next victim as you try to escape from the horror!
Show in the Zone

Mystic Devil Ritual

Watch dark figures in a mysterious, magical secret ritual dance before a crystal ball shining on an altar. When the door to the other world opens up, what kind of evils will be welcomed in?


21-22, 28-29 September; 1, 5-7, 12-13 October; 1-3 November 2019
Chartered Corporate Events
Haunted attractions and shows are open to invited corporate guests only.
General visitors are welcome to take photos with Halloween characters and decorations.
4, 11, 18-20, 24-27, 31 October 2019
Haunted attractions and shows are open to the general public.