Water World
Water World Ocean Park Hong Kong

Wasteland Warzone


Wasteland Warzone

Location: Area Near The Rainforest | The Summit
Time: 5:00pm - 12:00am
When an apocalypse destroys civilization, only bloodthirsty mutant creatures remain, roaming the toxic wastes of this barren, twisted wasteland. Can you make it to the safety of the survivor camps, the last hope of the human race?
Haunted House

Doomsday Deathtopia

Location: Next to The Rainforest | The Summit

Beware! The mutants prey on humans at night! Make your way through an abandoned factory, shops and carpark to get to the safe zone! Look out for deadly traps as you hunt for safety, because the crazed madmen and twisted scavengers of the ruins will be hunting you!
Show in the Zone

Flames of Damnation

Is the world on fire with the flames of perdition? No! It's a troupe of survivors performing difficult and exciting stunts with fire! Will their flames be enough to keep the slavering mutants at bay?
Show in the Zone

Doomsday Warriors

Survival takes style, even in the apocalypse! Watch as masters of parkour bounce, hop and do mid-air flips throughout the ruins to a hypnotically pounding percussive beat. Performing dance steps choreographed by a Japanese choreographer, these warriors prove they've got the moves and the muscle to survive amidst the devastation!


21-22, 28-29 September; 1, 5-7, 12-13 October; 1-3 November 2019
Chartered Corporate Events
Haunted attractions and shows are open to invited corporate guests only.
General visitors are welcome to take photos with Halloween characters and decorations.
4, 11, 18-20, 24-27, 31 October 2019
Haunted attractions and shows are open to the general public.