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2nd "Ocean Park Summer School" Programme Spend a Night Together with the Ocean Creatures and Enjoy Stargazing Night


(Hong Kong - 22 May 2006) Ocean Park comes to the rescue of parents fretting over what to do with their kids this summer – send the kids to Ocean Park to be animal keepers. Teenagers can even camp overnight at one of the Park's marine life exhibits.

Ocean Park announced the launch of its second "Ocean Park Summer School" programme for this summer, following last year's success. The number of participants will be increased, so more children can experience what it is like to be animal keepers. Programmes designed for teenagers will enable them to camp overnight with the ocean animals at one of the Park's aquariums. These three to four-day programmes will include conservation messages, experiments, art and crafts, interpersonal skills and various kinds of activities, providing the participants with well-rounded learning experiences.

The Ocean Park Summer School programmes are tailor-made for students from ages four to 15 with four different levels. Level 1 – Meet our Animal Friends, younger kids will have a chance to become animal keepers and learn about the lifestyle and habitats of ocean creatures. Level 2 – Animal Fun Learner, participants can take care of reptiles through experiential and interactive sessions. Level 3 – Animal Exploration, older kids can become animal instructors and practise public speaking about conservation. Lastly, Level 4 – Ocean Park Apprentice, teenagers will camp overnight at one of the Park's aquariums, go stargazing, learn job interviewing skills, and talk with veterinarians and animal keepers.

These four programmes aim to connect kids with nature through education and entertainment. Practical learning for science, mathematics, music, art and language are integrated into the programmes through experiential and interactive activities. The programmes offer hands-on sessions, so participants can put their new knowledge to use in their daily lives.

There will be a graduation ceremony for levels one, two, and three on the last day of the summer school programmes. Parents are invited to attend and join the children to celebrate their completion of the programmes. T

he Ocean Park Summer School 2006 programmes commence from 6 July to 26 August. The fees range from HK$980 to HK$2,800 per participant. A 10% discount will be offered for SmartFun Annual Pass Holders*.

Interested parties can visit www.oceanpark.com.hk for application forms and details.

Information is subject to change without notice.

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About Ocean Park
Ocean Park is Hong Kong's unique home-grown theme park with a heritage of delivering family fun and fond memories. Since its opening in January 1977 as a non-profit organization, Ocean Park has developed itself to be a world-class attraction connecting people with nature, and recognized for its animal husbandry, research and relationship with the community. Over 70 million people have visited Hong Kong's premier park since its inception and Ocean Park has remained committed to offer adults and children experiences that blend entertainment with education and conservation.