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Government Unveils Future Plan for Ocean Park Hong Kong with Conservation and Education as Major Focus


Enhanced visitor experiences along with new operating and pricing models aim to achieve business sustainability

The Government and Ocean Park Corporation have completed a rethink exercise to chart the way forward and reimagine new opportunities for the Park, leveraging on its unique geographical location, and its expertise and proven track record in conservation and education. The proposed plan breaks through existing frameworks, with a revamped operating model, a new pricing model and a wide array of enhanced visitor experiences to help the Park achieve business sustainability.
“Ocean Park is grateful for the invaluable support from the public and the Government. The new operating model enables us to improve, innovate, and invigorate the Park in the exciting years ahead,” said Lau Ming-wai, Chairman of Ocean Park. “We are excited to have this all-new approach to pave the way forward for the Park. We look forward to working out the details and bringing the next stage of Ocean Park to Hong Kong as soon as possible.”
Under the latest plan, Ocean Park will amplify its efforts in local wildlife conservation and education, creating Hong Kong’s biggest and best nature classroom to accompany our next generations on their conservation and learning journeys . The Park will also introduce an admission-free Retail, Dining and Entertainment Zone, along with whole-new Wellness-themed Zones and an Adventure Zone to provide truly unique and diversified dining and entertainment experiences. Together with the soon-to-be-launched Water World and two piers to be built, visitors are set to immerse themselves in the extraordinary experiences and stunning natural beauty of the Park.
  • Driving Conservation and Education inside and outside the Park: The Park aims to better integrate conservation and education with the overall park experience; and deepen the engagement and interaction with the public. It will work closely with schools to enhance and complement the school curriculum, opening up conservation and education possibilities for interactive, hands-on learning. The Park will take advantage of the latest technologies to provide unprecedented experiences to visitors. In addition, it will collaborate with the Government, corporations and NGOs to take conservation work in Hong Kong to the next level.
  • Free entry to new Retail, Dining and Entertainment Zone: The Park’s lower park area will be open to the public for free. Visitors can enjoy world-class performances with gourmet dining, capture highly Instagrammable photo moments, relax at the multipurpose areas and have a great time with their children at the dedicated kids’ zone. All visitors, no matter families or friends, will have countless memories and enjoyment at the Park.
  • Leverage our stunning shoreline: Ocean Park Water World, the highly anticipated world-class attraction, will open this year. With two brand-new piers, Hong Kong citizens can cruise around the Southern District that starts with Ocean Park, and take in the stunning views of Hong Kong’s southern shorelines while participating in meaningful eco and cultural tours.
  • Build upon the natural beauty of our topography: The whole new Wellness-themed Zones will combine conservation and education with the beautiful natural scenery of the Park and its surroundings to provide an exciting array of wellness-themed outdoor activities, while the Adventure Zone promises elevated thrilling guest experiences with new rides embedding elements of nature.
Lau concluded, “Our renewed direction embodies our vision of advancing Ocean Park into Hong Kong’s leading education platform, with a strong mission to promote wildlife conservation and environmental protection. Leveraging on our exceptional location and with the launch of Water World soon, we are confident that Ocean Park will play a pivotal role in the ‘Invigorating Island South’ initiative. We remain steadfast in our commitment to achieving business sustainability and to serving the community of Hong Kong.”